What Can New Jersey Residents Expect from The Newly Established Shaq Towers and The Aspire

New Jersey’s skyline is changing and so is investor opinion of its real estate potential, thanks to Shaq O’Neal’s collaboration with Boraie development. The two have come up with industry and economy revitalization program that they hope will have more people interested in living and working in New Jersey.

In Newark and New Brunswick Cities that haven’t seen any new residential developments in years, the two have kickstarted luxurious developments aimed at spurring the real estate growth within the communities. Shaq O’Neal would start by establishing the One Rector Street condominiums in Newark while Boraie Development markets The Aspire apartment in New Brunswick. But what can residents in these cities expect from the two luxurious residences:

The Aspire

Smacked right at the heart of New Brunswick is the cities most luxurious mixed-use property. It consists of 238 spacious units in the form of Studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments as well over 10,000 square feet of retail space. The fact that it is situated deep in the city makes give it ease of access to different points in the city like eateries, entertainment joints, and shopping malls. More importantly, the live, work and play type of residence built and managed by Boraie development sits just a few steps from the city’s train station.

The One Rector Street

The One Rector Street apartment, fondly referred to as ‘Shaq Towers’ was developed by the NBA star and legend Shaq O’Neal in collaboration with Boraie development company. Tearing up Newark’s skyline, the block that features 168 apartments will be the first luxury residential property to be developed in the city in over five decades.

Shaq and Boraie company developers are confident that the building is just the first in a series of steps that will eventually change the Newark landscape and real estate narrative. To this end, the two have committed an additional $150 Million towards the development of yet another 350-unit luxury apartment in the city upon completion of Shaq Towers.

More about Boraie development

Started by Omar Boraie in 1972, the company is responsible for the establishment of different real estate properties in New Jersey and beyond. Within the last decade, the company has constructed and handed over close to one million square feet of commercial and residential property in New Jersey. This formed the basis of revived hope for the states real estate industry. Find out more about Boraie: https://urbanedge.apartments/boraie-development-llc/

An Insight into the Oil Industry with Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is a renowned global entrepreneur in the oil industry. His name is in every household in the United States due to his great achievements as the president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. Matthew’s leadership skills have made many entrepreneurs in the same industry to envy him. This has been an advantage to his company as the partners bring different skills and talents with them, which in return steers Gulf Coast Western to greater heights.

His success has not come easy. He has had to face many challenges and steer through them without wavering. One of the biggest challenges that he faced was during the oil recession. Matthew says that what helped him was the unwavering focus that he had and the determination to put more effort and make it. It was during this trying period that he learnt to be more open minded and welcomed any advice given to him, choosing that which suited him the most.

During the same period, he had to put the leadership skills that he had acquired through the years into practice. He would show positivity to his employees, encouraging them to do their best as the future of the company solely depended on their daily activities.

Today, Matthew Fleeger has learnt to be optimistic but with caution. He hopes that the oil environment will work for his favor but even so, he is open-minded to the fact that oil prices are not constant but keep on changing. This has been made possible by partnering his company with other firms that are well established.

His partnering with these other companies has seen Gulf Coast Western thrive even in hard times. Today, Gulf Coast Western has the upper hand in controlling oil prices in the United States. Matthew Fleeger, hopes and is determined to ensure that his company remains at the top in the oil industry.

Find out more about Matthew Fleeger: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/matthew-fleeger

“Renovia Finds a Cure for Pelvic Floor Disorders “

The presence of Marc Beer in the corporate globe has led to the development of numerous solutions that mostly solve women’s evolving needs. Marc Beer serves as the co-founder of Renovia Inc., a start-up firm that focuses on the invention of products for managing pelvic floor disorders. Under his instructions, Renovia associates with companies for financial and motivational support. Recently, Marc Beer led the enterprise into closing a deal worth $32 million, which will supplement the company’s operations in augmenting the items. Renovia focuses on curing a variety of pelvic floor illnesses including urinary continence, which affects over 250 million women internationally. Its consistent operations led to the augmentation of Leva, which FDA legalized in April.

Establishing Leva became the premier step for Renovia’s path to triumph in the long run. Marc Beer thus launched a Series B funding round to get corporations to share in its vision. Through the initiative, The Longwood Fund joined Renovia enhancing its capabilities to develop more products. The New York-based Counselors and Ascension Ventures situated in Missouri governed The Longwood Fund in its participation. The financing will play important responsibilities in ensuring that Mar Beer leads Renovia in testing diagnostic and therapeutic items entailing an advancement of Leva device. Marc Beer postulates that the involvement of other organizations in helping the company realize its vision is an excellent gesture. He foresees the combination of innovation and technologies as relevant in delivering valuable data concerning the treatment alternatives.

Not only has Marc Beer served at Renovia but also OvaScience, ViaCell, Erytech Pharma and Genzyme among others. He has made a significant impact in each of the corporations. At ViaCell, Marc Beer oversaw the company’s activities directed towards the collection and development of peculiar blood stems of the umbilical cord. Over the years, ViaCell transitioned into a robust business accommodating over 300 employees. While working at ViaCell, Mr Marc possessed other board memberships. At that time, he was an active board member of the Erytech Pharma directors’ board. He also worked at Good Start Genetics as the firm’s compensation Chairman. His trend to lead an organization and be a board member also prevailed. In this case, he served as the founding Chairman of Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Learn more: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20180821005199/en/Renovia-Completes-42.3-Million-Series-Financing

Working in diverse companies incorporated a team spirit in Marc Beer. As such, he affiliates with numerous executives from different corporations and those from Renovia. In the company, he works with executive including William Dull, Dr Samantha Pulliam and Jessica McKinney. Their union has resulted in an expansion in their invention operations. Renovia works not only to develop pelvic floor disorder items but also to boost its efficiency in the industry. As such, the organization launched REDUCE, a controlled trial to study Leva’s next generation thus improving its curing capabilities.

Steve Ritchie And Papa John’s Campaign Of Diversity

As companies in today’s world continue to look for ways to make their environments more inclusive and diverse, Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie has chosen to make sure his company leads the way. Deciding to use a combination of training sessions, meetings across the country, community investments, and much more, it is clear Papa John’s Pizza has dedicated itself to a campaign of diversity that will result in great things for the company, its employees, and customers.

After penning an open letter of apology to customers for past events, Steve Ritchie has set out to make sure Papa John’s Pizza will make diversity and inclusion a key part of its corporate culture in the years ahead. To get this process going, he and many other company executives have set out across the country to meet with franchisees, employees, and customers in an attempt to spread their message of inclusion and diversity. Whether it is Chicago, Dallas, or Detroit, Steve Ritchie will be doing everything possible to discover not only what is currently making Papa John’s a great company, but also what it will take to reach even greater heights of success.

Along with having meetings with key members of the Papa John’s team, Steve Ritchie has also announced the company will undertake a number of initiatives in the months ahead. One of the most important is the formation of a community foundation, which will be aimed at helping communities across the country where Papa John’s employees work and live. In addition to this, the company is also unveiling a program aimed at increasing the emphasis on the company’s development program concerning minority-owned franchises. In doing this, Steve Ritchie expects to see many more franchises being owned by a much more diverse group of individuals in the years ahead, which will undoubtedly make the company stronger than ever.

With these and many other changes in the works, Steve Ritchie firmly believes Papa John’s Pizza is on the path to success. By making more and more individuals feel welcome within the company, Steve Ritchie is prepared to see great times ahead.

Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor open-up about their romance

Ryan John Seacrest is an American media personality and former host of American Idol. He is also a radio presenter who hosts various shows such as On Air with Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40, and KIIS-FM. He has an extensive career in journalism and recently became a co-host of a morning talk show, Live with Kelley and Ryan.

Shayna and Ryan’s affair

Recently, he spoke about his relationship with Shayna Taylor. According to Ryan Seacrest, he was attracted to his girlfriend by her intellect and beauty. They met in 2013 through a friend and their conversation kicked off when they both realized that they appreciate good food.

In 2017, things escalated between them and they moved in together in New York. Shayna Taylor who is a model and trained chef said they share an intense food chemistry. Aside from their love for wellness and fitness, this couple have a lot in common which intensifies their compatibility.

Shayna Taylor told the media that moving in with Ryan Seacrest has been exciting given that she has always idolized him from the time he hosted American Idol. Their romance has continued to blossom for years which makes it easy for them to live together comfortably. With their busy schedules they often manage to make time for one another.

Shayna Taylor who operates a wellness blog says that they always have an hour in the morning where they work out together before venturing into individual duties. Some of the exercise they love to do in the morning include yoga, tango, and boxing exercise.

Their desire to keep fit has been part of their daily routine for the last six months. This couple anticipates having a family in the future. In the meantime, they are focused on building a life together, enjoying each other’s company as well as nurturing one another’s dreams and ambitions.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets, Solution to Baby’s Oral Discomfort

Hyland’s Company is a homeopathic company that uses natural active ingredients of high quality to manufacture pharmaceutical products for people of all ages from the young to the adults. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1903. Hyland’s is dedicated to supporting and nurturing families throughout their stages of development. Amongst its products are the Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

As it is known that babies use their mouths mainly to understand the world around them. If you keenly observe a baby, you will notice that anything he touches or holds is directed to the mouth. And this is the reason as to why their mouths are prone to injuries and various oral conditions like teething which end up making the baby uncomfortable. Hyland’s company brings you an excellent product that will help your baby be relieved from teething. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets help in relieving oral discomfort, and it’s perfect for soothing swollen gums, sores and teething. Hyland’s Teething Tablets work to assist babies along the way.


Directions on how to use the tablets for teething relief

The prescriptions for the babies with teething vary with ages. Children under the age of 6months they dissolve one tablets on the tongue for every 15 minutes for four doses. Then the procedure is repeated hourly until the baby’s teething is relieved. Those of the ages between six months and three years old the procedure is similar to the younger ones, but they will take two tablets and not one.

It should be noted that if your baby has a known allergy to any of the ingredients in the product, then the parent or caregiver is advised to see a physician if he/she sees or experiences the following in the baby:

  1. If fever or rashes develop
  2. If swelling and teething increases in the mouth
  3. If pain, redness or irritation persists or worsen


    Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – A name in Plastic surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a plastic surgeon by profession, is considered an expert in the field of plastic surgery. He has loads of experience. He has been working in the same field for over 21 years in his native town. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has sacrificed all his life to the field of plastic surgery. His services to the field of plastic surgery are worth noting. He strives for making plastic surgery more effective and safer.

In an interview with Dr. Jerujikar, he described his passion for his job. He told about his history and the hardships he has faced all his life to be a successful plastic surgeon. He briefs about the strenuous training plastic surgeons have to undergo before joining this profession and that most of the people tap out of this profession midway.

After spending twenty years in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar expresses his dedication to the patients and how serving them has motivated him to do much better things at his work. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar explains how he connects with his patients. He gets a lot of appreciation from people yet he takes his job very seriously and puts in his utmost efforts.

Dr. Jejurikar aims at making plastic surgery safe across the country. He is considered as one of the top surgeons in Dallas. He is among those few doctors who get the chance to work at the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He’s quite a well-known personality in Dallas for the quality of care he provides to his patients.

Academic Background

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a graduate from the University of Michigan. The institute is considered among the top 25 medical schools in the States. He specializes in the field of aesthetic surgery. His dedication to his work is remarkable. He has done volunteer work in the US and holds workshops in different parts of the world. His services to the field of plastic surgery will never go unnoticed.

Todd Levine Recognized Among Fellow Attorneys by The Best Lawyers in America

Recently, The Best Lawyers in America© again bestowed recognition on attorney members of the Kluger Kaplan law firm in Miami, Florida. Todd Levine, founding member of the firm and skillful commercial litigating attorney, was among those recognized, particularly within the category of Real Estate Litigation, Entertainment Law, Commercial Litigation, and Mergers and Acquisitions.


Todd Levine is known for his versatility within the firm. He has been there since its founding, and is often handling a variety of business disputes. The attorney is best known for his focus in litigation that concerns real estate, often representing developers, real estate institutions and investors, contractors, brokers, and property owners.


The Best Lawyers in America© compile their yearly list based on an extensive process of evaluation and peer review. In fact, they receive approximately 10 million evaluations to help them come to a decision. Votes also come in from over 80,000 attorneys and industry leaders in the field of law.


The firm of Kluger Kaplan takes pride in being a team-oriented and hardworking group of attorneys, striving to work as a central unit and provide results to each and every one of their clients.


Todd Levine studied at the University of Florida, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and eventually pursuing a law degree at the University of Florida Levin College. He graduated in 1991 with honors. This accomplished attorney is also recognized for his musical talent, along with his love for science and art. This variety of interests may contribute to Todd Levine’s ability to innovate and creatively problem solve in his field.

Serge Belamant Fighting For The Right And Safety Of His Inventions

Serge Belamant was born in France, 1953. He has worked at Matrix where he developed applications on Cyber computers, at CSIR he was head of the computer section, control data, DATABANK where he created a financially controlled financial system and SASWITCH. After SASWITCH Serge Belamant decided to open his own company which he named Funds Transfer System. He is the first person to have created incarnation of blockchain technology.

Serge Belamant has filed for patents for some of his works as a means of protection. Some of the patents have been granted while others are still underway. Some of the patents filed are:

Transactor’s identity verification

This is a system that provides information for the transactee information about the transactor during a transaction. Some of the information it provides is the identity of the transactor, bank account details of the transactor. The information provided is verified in an account verifying system and stored. It also stores information on the transactee. However, the information provided to the transactee is by permission from the transactor after applying for these services.

Financial transaction with a varying pin.

It is a device that facilitates transactions at an ATM, through the internet, sales point by providing a PIN after the right biometric identifier has been feed in. It also provides a means of processing the transaction.

Electronic financial transaction designation

This is a means of knowing the designation of the identifier. It is requested by the transactor. The designation can either be “duress” or “normal”. If the designation comes up as “duress” no financial transaction takes place and the account of the transactor is frozen. If the designation comes up as “normal” then the transactions can continue with no disruptions.

Safe financial transactions

This is done through the generation of a PAN which is a series of numbers to illustrate a bank account but is not the actual account number. However, the actual account number is embedded within the PAN. The transactor generates this PAN and provides it to the person who is providing them with the service they need. When the number is provided to a bank account they decrypt it to get the actual bank account number.

Game operation control

This is a system in form of a smart card that contains the software that controls the game by processing inputs of the player. Serge Belamant believes that this helps prevent gaming system from being tampered with and the games can be played anywhere even in hotel rooms.

To Visit More Click This Link : angel.co/serge-belamant

José Auriemo Neto Is Making Success Fashionable

José Auriemo Neto is the president of JHSF a company that is involved in real estate development in Brazil. Business of Fashion launched its annual list of business leaders in fashion. This years list includes José Auriemo Neto who is credited with bringing a change in Brazilian Fashion when he helped develop and establish the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. After university, the successful entrepreneur joined the family business with his first project being the development of the JHSF parking lot management firm Parkbem.

After this success that José Auriemo Neto acquired the rights to develop the Shopping Santa Cruz. He guided JSHF into retail with the establishment of the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. Today the company has a whole retail division under the name JHSF Malls. They include the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra and shopping Bella Vista.

The company registered for listing on its initial public offer in the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commision. The plan was to raise between R$ 800 million and R$ 1 billion but unfortunately due to the unstable political situation in the country investors have not been open to buying new stock and the company had to find alternative ways to raise money.

The most notable thing about the Cidade Jardim shopping mall and the other malls that the JHSF Malls has is the fact that they stock high end fashion. José Auriemo Neto has negotiated to have designer brands open up stores in the malls. These include, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Pucci, Brunello Cucinelli and Rene Caovilla. These are meant to cater to their high end clientele who already buy these brand abroad. Out of the 3 million people of who visit the JHSF Malls 55% are A class consumers.

This explains why José Auriemo Neto has been honoured by the Business of Fashion whose english publication hosted a dinner in New York in his honour. He is credited with bringing Hermés, the high fashion goods maker from France, and Jimmy Choo, the UK based women’s shoemaker into the brazilian market.

About José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto the president of JHSF attended Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado University in São Paulo. He started working at JHSF in 1993.