Examines Top NCAAB In-Season Team Win Predictions

College basketball is exciting to watch. One arguable benefit NCAAB games have over NBA events is college basketball is harder to predict. While this can make for an exciting season, those who want to make money gambling might wonder about the reliability of college basketball odds. is the proverbial best of the best when it comes to displaying info about sports odds. The analysis presented on the site is top of the line. Recently, posted a video discussing one of the most difficult of factors to predict: the team capable of walking away with the most wins during the season.

An interview posted on the editorial section of the site took place at the sportsbook at the Mirage Las Vegas with one of the top managers, Jeff Stoneback.

Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky were listed as the “bluebloods” since they were selected as the teams that would have more than 25 wins. In retrospect, Stoneback noted some teams were ranked a bit too high. UNLV would be one of those teams that turned out to perform a lot differently than the early predictions.

Making any predictions with college basketball odds or results is not easy. Those who have tried to figure out March Madness odds will note any attempts at making predictions comes with risks. Selecting the teams capable of getting the most wins during the season could be among the most difficult determinations of all. This is why Stoneback pointed out the predictions on wins during the season are limited to just 20 teams. Too many variables are at play to try and rank 50 or so teams.

As those who followed the listed 20 teams during the season now realize, things happen during the season that were not foreseen before the season commenced. Teams predicted to perform less-than-stellar do well and those with high expectations of winning can end up performing in a subpar manner. Even a slightly disappointing performance could go against the grain of predicted odds.

Those interested in keeping up with March Madness odds should bookmark The site is a fantastic venue for learning about point spreads, news, and opinions regarding college and professional sports of all stripes. Anyone interested in placing sportsbook wagers positively should visit this site frequently.

College basketball info on really shines. Interesting interviews such as the one conducted with Jeff Stoneback definitely help the site rise above competitors.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa – Photo Tips

Capturing great pictures using your smart phone requires the same precision necessary when using a camera. You need to have good lighting, good eye to create the scene and understand the depth of the photograph on It is important to learn about some tricks that will assist in transforming phone pictures from ordinary to fantastic in an instant.

Useful Tips

Recent improvements in most camera phones removed the excuse of taking low quality pictures using a phone. You should take a second longer to make the composition great, improve the lighting and angle, capture interesting stuff and capture what is required. Apply the common principles of photographs by capturing the important parts in a third of the photo from one side. Trimming also improves the composition of a photograph on Tumblr. Make sure that you get closer to the object or person before taking the picture for a clearer and more detailed image. Turning off the flash could also result in great pictures if it is not necessary. Natural light offers an illumination that is well balanced.

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Other Great Tips

A standard camera app that comes with the phone is great, but if you want more high quality shots, you will need to get a better application. Third party applications will offer extra options like exposure, adjusting the exposure and zoom differently and using different zoom options among others. Examples are ProCamera, Camera 360, Camera ZOOM FX etc. The third party application will offer settings to suit your preferred scene, and it is important to learn about how to use them correctly. You should use the HDR in a moderate manner to get an exposure that is well balanced. Photographic filters ought to be used moderately for the best results according to Figueroa. Lastly, you should learn how to edit your photographs, and keep your lens clean always. The lens is susceptible to getting dirty from the numerous times that the phone gets in and out of the purse or pocket. A clean lens will ensure you take clear and artistic photos using your smart phone.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a professional executive who hails from Venezuela. He is currently holding three separate positions that include; president, treasurer and director in five Panama companies. His longest appointment stint lasted about four years and eight months.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was first appointed in the winter of 2011. Figueroa is a prominent Panama business community member. He has assisted quite a number of businesses grow, helped in improving economic conditions and mentors young leaders.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa:án-josé-velasquez-figueroa

Mike Baur Founds Innovative Company

Mike Baur is the current co founder of Swiss Start Up Factory which provides financial assistance and mentoring to entrepreneurs. For the last two years, Mike has built one of the more innovative and unique companies in the world. This company helps a number of entrepreneurs get the resources they need in order to make their businesses successful. Prior to starting up his own company, Mike worked in the banking industry. His career in banking spanned for over two decades. He would attain a considerable amount of success which resulted in him winning a number of awards. After working in the banking industry, Baur decided to invest in start up companies and then start up his own. Now he leads a company that will likely help grow and expand the Swiss economy.


Baur’s company Swiss Start Up Factory provides businesses with mentorship, coaching and advisory to help them succeed. It also provides funding options so that businesses can get the resources necessary to start or expand. Any business that wants to work with Swiss Start Up Factory will attend an event where they pitch their ideas to Mike. He will then evaluate the business idea and decide to finance it or not. If Mike approves, he will then provide the business with the assistance it needs in order to reach its maximum potential. With his company, Baur is able to help a number of entrepreneurs who are not able to get assistance from traditional banks and consultants.


At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in banking. While working in the banking industry, Baur would gain a lot of experience working with various businesses. He would talk to business owners about their vision for a new business and the kind of financing it needs. Baur would consult with them and determine what will be necessary to allow them to reach their goals. By working with a number of different businesses, Mike grew accustomed to helping entrepreneurs find ways to acquire the necessary resources. As a result, his experience in banking helped give him the idea for his own company.


After working in a career in banking for over two decades, Mike began investing his money in a number of start up companies. He would soon find out that this is very lucrative activity and would therefore make this the cornerstone of his new business. By investing in start up companies, Mike found a way to advance his career in business and participate in entrepreneurship.



The Kabbalah Centre and God

One can’t talk about the Kabbalah Centre and the teachings of religion without talking about God. The Kabbalah does have some unique ideas about God. One thing that the Kabbalah states is that the person should be focusing more on the relationship with the essence of God. The essence of God is light. God himself is incomprehensible. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah Centre states that people should try to focus on the essence of God. The Bible says that God himself is a spirit. No one has seen God and lived t tell about it.

People have a lot of different ideas about God. One of the reasons is that no one has seen God nor will they be able to understand God. The Bible does liken God to light, which the Kabbalah states is the essence of God. As one focuses on the teachings of the Kabbalah, he will find universal wisdom. The Kabbalah is willing to help people understand the many specific branches that have been put out into the world. also, many of these branches have unique ideas about God. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah states that God can’t be understood. However, light an be.

The Kabbalah Centre is definitely a great place for the curious to visit. Even people that don’t see themselves believing in the teachings that are found in the Spiritual Centre will find that the information that is provided is something that they will think about for some time.

The Kabbalah Centre has expanded to include quite a few locations. Among the locations that are included are United States locations such as Manhattan, Dallas, and plenty of other locations. Therefore, it is fairly easy for people to visit one of the nearby locations so that they could learn some of the lessons present in the Kabbalah.