Seeing Things the Doe Deere Way

Doe Deere has received a lot of praise for the hot Lime Crime cosmetics line that she has produced. She is one of the most creative forces of the makeup industry, and it appears that more people are noticing her thanks to social media. The Lime Crime brand she has created as as much as a million followers.


People want to know about the different shades of make-up that she is providing, and the Instagram profile is where people get a chance to see others wearing the new shades that she has introduced to the market. Doe Deere has been a very successful business woman that has even attracted some attention from celebrities. She knows that the makeup industry was rather bland before she came into the picture. She could have easily taken the route of duplicating what others were doing in order to gain some moderate level of success, but she wanted to be an individual.


She may not have set out to be a rebel that shook up the makeup industry, but this is definitely what she has done. Doe Deere has created a unique blend and shades that caused people to see her as anti-Revlon or anti-CoverGirl. She has a brand with style that embraces that which is somewhat left of center. She doesn’t conform to what the traditionalists are doing in the makeup industry. Some say this makes her a rebel. Other say that this makes her an innovator. Whatever the title is, Doe Deere is wearing it with pride. She has done so much for consumers when it comes to makeup styles because she wanted to prevent something different.


Then unicorn makeup line that she has is truly something to behold. She started with lipstick, but she appears to be branching out into different directions right now. Doe Deere is working on hair products, and there’s also eyeliner available through this brand of cosmetics. Doe Deere will try anything once, but she realizes that it takes a lot of energy and effort to gain customers that are going to be loyal. That is what her goal has been from the very start. She did not want to lure people into buying something for just the one time purchase. Doe Deere wanted to be the type of entrepreneur that would help people see that there was value in staying loyal to this brand of intriguing cosmetics.


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EOS: A Small Startup Blowing Up to Massive Growth

Chap stick was considered a unisex item, used by both men and women, similar to toothpaste or cleanser. But, as Evolution of Smooth (EOS) founders, Sandriv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, found, lip balm was overwhelmingly utilized by ladies as part of their daily habits. In all research studies, customers they addressed clarified that they would lose chap stick tubes in their purses all of the time. Many preferred pots of lip balm that were entering the market, but they didn’t care to apply it with their fingers, since it appeared to be unhygienic. However, one of their most critical discoveries was that women didn’t get a lot of pleasure from applying chap stick.

So they began making an item that would be customized for women’s daily routines, using their own assets and startup capital. (Despite everything they still had not taken in a lot of outside feedback.) They needed to reevaluate the lip balm experience, starting from the earliest stage. For this, they brought in a craftsman who displayed different options or shapes. They wanted to make the chap stick special, without making it unusable or so different from the Target market that it alienated customers.

The greater part of this work has paid off. In seven short years, the Evolution of Smooth brand ( has risen up from a small start-up to a commonly used in-store product. It has even brought forth a large group of copycats. Blistex and Revo (made by OraLabs) have circular lip balms that take a page from EOS’s playbook, while Walgreens and Sephora have made their own versions of the unique EOS lip balm’s spherical design. Today, Evolution of Smooth offers well over a million lip balms per week, which is more than they sold in their first year of business. Their success is still going strong today!

The Joy Of Making Money With The Traveling Vineyard

With the advent of new technology, there are more opportunities now than ever before when it comes to working from home. The Traveling Vineyard is an example of one of these amazing opportunities that will help you become your own boss and work from the comfort of your own home.

So how does a job as a wine guide really work? When you are becoming a part of any direct sales company, you need to look at the leadership and training that is provided to you. The Traveling Vineyard has a system of training and support that makes it easy to dive right in and start your home-based business today. You will never have to know what it is like to be nervous without knowing where to turn. The team of mentors at The Traveling Vineyard will help you take your business to the next level and succeed.

The Tasting Room, the online training center, will help you hone your sales skills quickly and effectively. You will learn how to build a team for your growing business, how to conduct a tasting and full access to a guide to all the different wines. They annual harvest convention brings all of the sales representatives and leaders together for a meeting of enjoyment and learning. With wine tasting, dancing, and lectures, you will be able to enjoy yourself while also taking your business to the next level. Regional events will also help you bond with other leaders in the organization and build your team as efficiently as possible.

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Looking Forward: Cassio Audi’s Story

Cassio Audi is one of Brazil’s best known financial experts in terms of the success he has achieved as an investment specialist, but achieving this success has left many wondering just how Cassio makes his decisions about where to invest the funds of his clients. The executive who works with some of the largest investment companies in Brazil has made his name by looking beyond the simple numbers that often form the basis of the work completed by a growing number of investment specialists and examines the companies and businesses he feels will be of great importance in the future.

The success of this Brazilian investment specialist has largely been based around the work he has completed as a student that set up the University of Sao Paulo graduate to become one of the nation’s leading investment specialists. Cassio Audi has set out to explore a range of different business areas through his work, including some of the most important in creating a business plan that will lead to profitability as soon as possible for investors in any venture.

In looking at the investment choices made by Cassio Audi the business expert believes it is important to do more than simply take a look at the way any investment is moving in an upwards or downwards direction with its value; Cassio Audi often spends a large amount of his time looking beyond the simply figures provided by investment and business software to examine the bones of any company he feels is worth exploring for those in his investment group. The success achieved by Cassio Audi has placed him at the fore of the Brazilian investment community and has allowed him the chance to work with some of the most important business leaders in the country.