The best Business and Personal Motivation Notes from Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful businessman and especially in multi-level marketing (MLM) business models. He is the CEO and the co-founder of the Malaysian QI Group which has now spread all over the world. Vijay has been able to achieve this level of success in the business because of some of the business and personal practices that he believes in. Here are a few of the ethics he has shared about his value system and how it has impacted his success.

Vijay says that his turning point was something that was shared to him by a Monk years ago. The monk simply asked him, are we not two minutes from the Abyss anyway? He states that as simple as this may have seemed at the time, it has really impacted the way he views life. He resolved to be living each day as if he was two minutes away from the ‘abyss’ because in the real sense, no one knows at any given time, how far away from the abyss they are. Every step that he has taken has been with the recognition, and respect to the fact that he could be closer to the abyss than he is willing to acknowledge.

The practice of viewing each day as if it was the last on earth has helped Vijay a lot. He adds that there is a beauty in stories that make them unforgettable. For instance, the beauty of the story of an African Gazelle which wakes up knowing that to see the end of the day, it must outrun the lions and other predators in the Savannah. The predators on the other hand wake up knowing that to eat; they have to catch a gazelle. The gazelle outruns predators because it is running for its life, while the predators just need food. To Vijay, this story means that purpose beats strength any day.

Vijay Eswaran believes that fear drives success more than any other motivation. He also believes that no change can occur unless it starts from within the person. He believes that as long as one is able to withstand the uphill task of going through the many cycles of change, success at a personal and business level will be guaranteed.