Malcolm Casselle’s Investment Sense

Malcolm Casselle is currently the CIO of OPSkins which is a shop for items on video games, such as armor, equipment, and weapons. He is also the president of WAX, the Worldwide Asset Exchange, which is a platform that helps users create and manage their own online marketplace. WAX has WAX coins which can be used to shop, or they can be traded in for cryptocurrencies.

Malcolm Casselle received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from MIT and also received his Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford. In 1995, Casselle helped to cofound NetNoir where he took on the role of CTO. Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) was his next venture. He worked there from 1998 until 2002 as the senior vice president to the CEO. In 2006, Casselle took the position of director at Capital Union Investments until 2013. He also previously worked as the CTO and president of New Ventures at Tronc, Inc. and the senior vice president and general manager of digital media at SeaChange International in 2015 after they acquired Timeline Labs, a social media tracking firm that he helped cofound in 2014. Casselle has also been involved in many startups as well. The list includes several digital companies like. MediaPass and Xfire.

Besides having an incredible resume, Casselle is a very innovative thinker and enjoys brainstorming ideas and coming up with solutions with others. The idea for WAX came from OPSkins. In essence, he was helping people become a contender in the very marketplace that he was competing in. He enjoys working with those who are bright and thinks everyone should spend more time studying and asking questions. He was an early investor in companies like Faceboo, Zynga, and Bitcoin, and has an innate sense for investments and innovation.

Casselle has also stated that staying connected with your spiritual side is also extremely important in healing your mind and body. He believes in eating right, working out, and getting a good night’s sleep are several keys to being productive.

Wes Edens And Brightline Passenger Train

Driving between Fort Lauderdale and Miami is supposed to take approximately 45 minutes; however, that is not the case. Gridlocks that are impossible can make the commuters to take up to an hour or more on the road. Nonetheless, a solution is at hand. Wes Edens, the co-owner and private equity investor, has brought up a better deal to help people get around the South of Florida.

Brightline, an operated passenger train which is the only privately owned in the country, just made its initial high-speed run to Fort Lauderdale from Miami in May 2018. The trip only takes 30 minutes with passengers enjoying the comfort that its leather seats offer. In addition to this, the passenger train will also be providing free WI-FI and food service all the way.

The Brightline’s Smart Service cost of a one-way ticket is $10 which cannot be compared with the price that Uber offer which is at $40. The average driving speed of other vehicles between the corridors of these two locations is at 34mph. When it comes to the Brightline, its average driving speed is at around 80mph which leaves other trucks and cars in the dust.

The notorious South Florida commuters who are ever reluctant to leave their cars have welcomed the Bright line train with smiles. The train will expand its services to West Palm Beach as well as to Orlando. The last leg of the train will be at a maximum speed of 135 mph for two hours. The trip will take two hours and 45 minutes if taken by car. Brightline has come as a solution for those commuters that are in distances that are too far to drive at the same time too short to fly.

Wes Edens is the co-founder and the co-manager of Fortress Investment Group which owns the rail system. The company has plans to develop a rail station in Miami that will cover six blocks of the city. A food hall, residences, and shops are also among the programs that the company intends to execute as connections to other areas continue.

According to real estate experts, the paths alongside the rail system will have their prices going up dramatically. Wes Edens claims that the vision he has for Bright line will go beyond Florida State. Eden is a graduate of Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Wes Edens joined Black Rock Asset Investors as a managing director and partners immediately after his graduation.

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Peter Briger Presses the Success Button for Fortress Investment Group

The efforts that Peter Briger and his fellow co-principals have put towards achieving the success of Fortress Investment Group is unprecedented. Since the time that he joined the organization in 2002, Briger has been on the lead in ensuring that the company has remained vibrant and the industry leader in the investment sector. His vast experience and proficiency in the field of finance and investment have made him win a lot of accolades in the industry which are only designed for the best performers in the sector. For instance, he has been awarded the honor of the best manager of the hedge fund and credit sector in the whole American industry in several years.

Peter Briger joined employment immediately after leaving the Wharton School of Business where he had been taking his master degree in Business Administration. Before then, he had been to Princeton University where he obtained an undergraduate degree in the same course. This curriculum would come to assist Briger greatly in his endeavors at Fortress Group. Goldman Sachs was the company that granted Peter Briger the first employment. He was very grateful to secure that opportunity to work for the reputable financial firm, and he swore to do all that he could to improve his welfare and that of the company. The first roles that he got were operational. He performed them with a lot of zeal and ensured that his efforts were recognized by the company’s management. Later, he got a promotion to the management, and after working as an investment manager for a while, he was awarded other leadership roles, all of which he performed with a lot of diligence.

Peter Briger was recruited by Fortress Investment Group in the year 2002 to introduce and lead the hedge and credit fund sectors of the organization. This was a role that he found very interesting because while he was at the Goldman, Briger had pursued some courses that made him gain more understanding of the management of hedge fund and the credit funds. This made the task easier for him, but still, he had to give his best to ensure that the fund recorded outstanding performance. This came to actualize in the year 2009 when the credit and the hedge fund sector of Fortress Investment Group were listed as one of the best managed in New York by several magazines.

Besides being a successful investor and a renowned billionaire, Peter Briger is also known for his humanitarian actions, participating in anti-poverty campaigns all over the US.