Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend Shayna Taylor open-up about their romance

Ryan John Seacrest is an American media personality and former host of American Idol. He is also a radio presenter who hosts various shows such as On Air with Ryan Seacrest, American Top 40, and KIIS-FM. He has an extensive career in journalism and recently became a co-host of a morning talk show, Live with Kelley and Ryan.

Shayna and Ryan’s affair

Recently, he spoke about his relationship with Shayna Taylor. According to Ryan Seacrest, he was attracted to his girlfriend by her intellect and beauty. They met in 2013 through a friend and their conversation kicked off when they both realized that they appreciate good food.

In 2017, things escalated between them and they moved in together in New York. Shayna Taylor who is a model and trained chef said they share an intense food chemistry. Aside from their love for wellness and fitness, this couple have a lot in common which intensifies their compatibility.

Shayna Taylor told the media that moving in with Ryan Seacrest has been exciting given that she has always idolized him from the time he hosted American Idol. Their romance has continued to blossom for years which makes it easy for them to live together comfortably. With their busy schedules they often manage to make time for one another.

Shayna Taylor who operates a wellness blog says that they always have an hour in the morning where they work out together before venturing into individual duties. Some of the exercise they love to do in the morning include yoga, tango, and boxing exercise.

Their desire to keep fit has been part of their daily routine for the last six months. This couple anticipates having a family in the future. In the meantime, they are focused on building a life together, enjoying each other’s company as well as nurturing one another’s dreams and ambitions.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets, Solution to Baby’s Oral Discomfort

Hyland’s Company is a homeopathic company that uses natural active ingredients of high quality to manufacture pharmaceutical products for people of all ages from the young to the adults. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1903. Hyland’s is dedicated to supporting and nurturing families throughout their stages of development. Amongst its products are the Hyland’s baby oral pain relief tablets.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

As it is known that babies use their mouths mainly to understand the world around them. If you keenly observe a baby, you will notice that anything he touches or holds is directed to the mouth. And this is the reason as to why their mouths are prone to injuries and various oral conditions like teething which end up making the baby uncomfortable. Hyland’s company brings you an excellent product that will help your baby be relieved from teething. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets help in relieving oral discomfort, and it’s perfect for soothing swollen gums, sores and teething. Hyland’s Teething Tablets work to assist babies along the way.


Directions on how to use the tablets for teething relief

The prescriptions for the babies with teething vary with ages. Children under the age of 6months they dissolve one tablets on the tongue for every 15 minutes for four doses. Then the procedure is repeated hourly until the baby’s teething is relieved. Those of the ages between six months and three years old the procedure is similar to the younger ones, but they will take two tablets and not one.

It should be noted that if your baby has a known allergy to any of the ingredients in the product, then the parent or caregiver is advised to see a physician if he/she sees or experiences the following in the baby:

  1. If fever or rashes develop
  2. If swelling and teething increases in the mouth
  3. If pain, redness or irritation persists or worsen


    Dr. Sameer Jejurikar – A name in Plastic surgery

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a plastic surgeon by profession, is considered an expert in the field of plastic surgery. He has loads of experience. He has been working in the same field for over 21 years in his native town. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has sacrificed all his life to the field of plastic surgery. His services to the field of plastic surgery are worth noting. He strives for making plastic surgery more effective and safer.

In an interview with Dr. Jerujikar, he described his passion for his job. He told about his history and the hardships he has faced all his life to be a successful plastic surgeon. He briefs about the strenuous training plastic surgeons have to undergo before joining this profession and that most of the people tap out of this profession midway.

After spending twenty years in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar expresses his dedication to the patients and how serving them has motivated him to do much better things at his work. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar explains how he connects with his patients. He gets a lot of appreciation from people yet he takes his job very seriously and puts in his utmost efforts.

Dr. Jejurikar aims at making plastic surgery safe across the country. He is considered as one of the top surgeons in Dallas. He is among those few doctors who get the chance to work at the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He’s quite a well-known personality in Dallas for the quality of care he provides to his patients.

Academic Background

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a graduate from the University of Michigan. The institute is considered among the top 25 medical schools in the States. He specializes in the field of aesthetic surgery. His dedication to his work is remarkable. He has done volunteer work in the US and holds workshops in different parts of the world. His services to the field of plastic surgery will never go unnoticed.

Todd Levine Recognized Among Fellow Attorneys by The Best Lawyers in America

Recently, The Best Lawyers in America© again bestowed recognition on attorney members of the Kluger Kaplan law firm in Miami, Florida. Todd Levine, founding member of the firm and skillful commercial litigating attorney, was among those recognized, particularly within the category of Real Estate Litigation, Entertainment Law, Commercial Litigation, and Mergers and Acquisitions.


Todd Levine is known for his versatility within the firm. He has been there since its founding, and is often handling a variety of business disputes. The attorney is best known for his focus in litigation that concerns real estate, often representing developers, real estate institutions and investors, contractors, brokers, and property owners.


The Best Lawyers in America© compile their yearly list based on an extensive process of evaluation and peer review. In fact, they receive approximately 10 million evaluations to help them come to a decision. Votes also come in from over 80,000 attorneys and industry leaders in the field of law.


The firm of Kluger Kaplan takes pride in being a team-oriented and hardworking group of attorneys, striving to work as a central unit and provide results to each and every one of their clients.


Todd Levine studied at the University of Florida, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and eventually pursuing a law degree at the University of Florida Levin College. He graduated in 1991 with honors. This accomplished attorney is also recognized for his musical talent, along with his love for science and art. This variety of interests may contribute to Todd Levine’s ability to innovate and creatively problem solve in his field.