The Ubuntu Education Fund together with Andrew Rolfe managed to raise more than six hundred and three thousand Euros at the Ubuntu Education Fund Charity gala that was held in London. The total money that was raised apparently surpassed the targeted amount which was six hundred thousand Euros. The money was going to be used expand the student capacity at Port Elizabeth’s campus which is funded by Ubuntu’s Education fund. The money left was supposed to improve the pediatric clinic that mainly treated students from the campus.

Ubuntu Education Fund has served more than four hundred thousand people who are disadvantaged in Africa. Port Elizabeth campus was built with the aim of coming up with a program for disadvantaged children. The program meets the health and education needs of disadvantaged children when are joining the school till when they are fully educated and have settled for a career of their choice.

Ubuntu Education Fund was established in nineteen ninety-nine. Andrew Rolfe; chairman of the organization, welcomed any individual who needed help to be assisted by the organization. Sinesipho Rabidyani; a disadvantaged child told her sad story about her father’s drinking problem. The situation affected her childhood tremendously. She studied extra hard and earned a position as a scholar of the Ubuntu Education Fund.

Sinesipho Rabidyani was supported by the organization and mentored. She studied hard and was able to join law school, and she was thankful to the organization for the support they had given her.

Andrew Rolfe’s background

Mr. Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He studied at Oxford University and earned a BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. He then joined Harvard School of Business to study for a degree in Business Administration. Andrew Rolfe is also the managing director for the famous TowerBook Capital Partners. He specializes in retail, hospitality and investment opportunities at ToweBook Capital partners. Before Andrew served at TowerBook Capital Partners and Ubuntu Education Fund, he was the executive at Gap, Inc. He was given the duty of leading the clothing brand into a worldwide market.

Andrew Rolfe also served as the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of a European company. He used his broad knowledge and experience to lead the company into a global market. Andrew became an innovator who mainly helped companies to enter the global markets. He has strong leadership skills and a vast experience thus making him valuable to the Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew never gets tired of coming up with new ways to develop and expand opportunities to more families that are disadvantaged.