Dr. Jennifer Walden – Well-Know Plastic Surgeon Based in Austin, Texas

There are many brilliant cosmetic surgeons available these days that can provide you with a broad range of cosmetic treatments and surgeries to uplift your image and give you a complete makeover. One of the most popular cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the United States is Dr. Jennifer Walden, who is also the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center PLLC. The review of Dr. Jennifer Walden online shows that she is amongst the most successful plastic surgeons in the country and has been featured in many of the top media channels, including ABC News, Dr 90210, Fox News, VH1, and more.

  1. Jennifer Walden studied biology at the Texas University and did her medical studies from the same university’s medical branch. Thanks for her excellent review in the world of plastic surgery; she was also named as the “Best Plastic Surgeons in America” by the popular magazine American Way. The review of Dr. Jennifer Walden says that she is an expert in using the 3D Imagining technology, which helps the surgeons to carry out the cosmetic procedure with utmost accuracy. Dr. Jennifer Walden also uses a new technology by the name of ThermiVa, which is a technology that uses radio frequency as well as the thermal procedure to tighten the vagina and rejuvenate it. Click here to know more about her.

The review of Dr. Jennifer Walden also speaks about her inventions in the field of plastic surgery. She has devised few of the surgical tools herself, which is carried and recognized by the Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments. In Austin, Texas, there are very few plastic surgeons that match the reputation of Dr. Jennifer Walden. Her clinic is fitted with the modern technology and unmatched professional staff that ensures that every client is taken care of welcomed most professionally. Book an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Walden today for any cosmetic or plastic surgery or treatment.

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Rick Smith’s Experience Makes Securus Better

When Securus took Rick Smith on as the CEO of the company, they knew that they were making a positive decision and one that would make it easier on people who were running the prisons. Rick Smith knew that he would be able to bring a lot to the table and that he could help the prisons get to the point where they wanted to be. Since he knew a lot know about technology, he was confident that he could help the prisons and make them better places no matter what was going on or who he was doing different things with. it was something that gave him a chance to experience more and to help people have a better understanding of the community that they were a part of no matter what industry they were in or what they did to make things better for their prisoners.

Securus continues to help prisons. They know that they are able to give prisons all of the opportunities that they need and they also know that this will help them with everything that they have done for their prisoners. From the abilities that they had to the opportunities that they can create, Securus knows that they are going to have a better prison experience for everyone who is in jail and for those who also run the jails. The company is dedicated to their clients and the prisons know that they can take advantage of Securus has to offer them.Rick Smith has always been dedicated and has been an innovator. He knows a lot about technology and knows the right way to help people with the technological advances in his industry. He has been able to help people and has tried to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to succeed with Securus.

It has been something that has helped him to be a better CEO and something that has helped him to bring new improvements to Securus no matter what is going on in the prison industry or with the other companies that do similar things.For Rick Smith to be able to help people, he tries to make sure that he is always doing the right thing. He puts the administrators before the prisoners, he puts the people who are not doing anything bad before the people who are in prison and he tries to always put his company before himself. This is what has allowed him to make Securus better and to make it more profitable so that people can benefit from everything that he has to offer the prisons and the people who are in the prisons whether they are inmates or the administrators.

Source of the article : http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-discusses-future-of-inmate-communications-and-security-300427232.html

What Nathaniel Ru Means By Everything Lasting Longer

Nathaniel Ru is one of three entrepreneurs who built a healthy eating company known as Sweetgreen that is becoming popular across the nation and has changed the way many people look at green food. He’s also helped promote Sweetgreen through Sweetlife music festival, though that has now been discontinued and will have a new musical format replacing it.

But he has always believed that more could be done to educate young people about good eating and how salads and fruits play such an important role in regular diets. But Ru has also talked about his company’s philosophy including the saying that everything they do should last longer.

The meaning behind this statement is that every decision that either Ru or his friends, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman make should be one that will be for the good of not only the company but the communities it serves.

According to Fortune, Nathaniel Ru also believes in making a lasting impression on all company employees and making sure they have a happy workplace while also encouraging them to be genuine in their interaction with customers. Currently Ru, Jammet and Neman are enjoying running their company from Los Angeles while still taking time out of their schedules to work at local Sweetgreen kitchens, but it wasn’t always like this for the three CEOs.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends came to Georgetown University back in the mid 2000s with the hope of starting a business just as their parents had when they first moved to the US. While living on campus, the three students felt the healthy food choices could be improved, and that began their idea to run a healthy eating restaurant.

They knew nothing of running a restaurant business and took a little time to setup shop on campus, but they managed to turn a small square into the first Sweetgreen operation. They knew they would be successful after managing to keep the restaurant open during winter break.

In the coming years Sweetgreen started to grow and Georgetown students loved it, but Ru, Jammet and Neman felt more could still be done to pitch it to millennials. So they began the music festival part of it and before long outdoor concerts became a regularity with the company.

Soon they started incorporating technology and a Sweetgreen app to enhance the customer experience, and the restaurant chain became a disruptor in the food industry with the utilization of online ordering and salad customization.

James Larkin: The Man Who Fought For Worker’s Rights In Ireland

James Larkin is an important figure in Ireland who was responsible for numerous movements aimed to improve the conditions of the trade union workers. He was one of the most well known social activists of his time and contributed immensely to the changes that Ireland saw in the work scene.

He was born in 1876 to an Irish family, who lived in Liverpool at the time. The family was not well off, and worked hard just to make ends meet.

Since a very early age, James Larkin had to take on numerous jobs to provide for his family and so that they could afford the very necessities. When he was seven, he used to follow a routine unlike most kids his age. He would get up in the morning and attend his school and then go to work at one of his several jobs soon after he finished for the day.

He led a gruesome routine, but he worked hard for the benefit of his family. When he was just a teenager, he lost his father which made things even harder for the family. He started working in the same position as his father but was soon let go. This made him want to go and find a better job in a better-developed area of the country. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

He then went on to get a job as a sailor at a shipping company. Having experienced so many jobs through the course of his life, he knew the hardships that one would have to face and the harsh conditions that people had to endure just to make ends meet. This is what inspired him to work for change and bring about reform in the system.

While he was working as a sailor, he became the head of the strike committee and organized his workers to get their demands heard, and to have their work conditions improved.

One of the main things that James worked hard to enforce was the movement against the Chinese immigrants who were attaining a position in the company. These people would work for longer hours at lesser wages, so companies started letting their country men go.

James Larkin wanted to fight for the rights of these workers, putting forward the idea that giving jobs to people of Irish nationality would only benefit the country rather than giving it to immigrants to benefit their countries.

James Larkin was best known for his work with the Irish Labor movement, and his effort to mobilize the workers to fight for their rights. The movement took place in Belfast and was one of the biggest of its time. With the implementation of a strike, James Larkin got companies to hear their workers demands, and provide them with higher wages and better work hours.

Soon after that, James Larkin started going to other parts of the country to do the same, and to bring about change in the system. His efforts were extremely fruitful, and he changed the lives of numerous people all over Ireland.

Greg Secker Shares His Investing Knowledge with Many

Greg Secker is a successful business man, who started his career in the financial industry. He worked with Thomas Cook Financial Services in the beginning. Next, he worked with the Virtual Trading Desk. The company had a very unique Forex trading platform. The company was the first to offer real-time facts and figures for the Forex.


Greg later joined Mellon Financial, where he became Vice President. This allowed Greg to expand his experience in the financial markets. After this, he decided to trade for himself, and left Mellon.


Currently Greg offers “Learn to Trade” courses in several countries throughout the world, to help others learn his trading strategy. His courses have won awards including, the “Best Educator” award from World Finance Magazine. He won this award in both 2012 and 2013. The program received the “Best Forex Educators in UK. Europe, Australia and South Africa” award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

In addition to his work in the field of finance, Greg Secker, is an active philanthropist. He started the Greg Secker Foundation, to help improve the lives of those less fortunate around the world. After the recent typhoon hit the Philippines, Greg started the “Build a Home, Restore a Community Project, to help the people in the region rebuild their lives. The project expects to build 100 homes for the region.

Greg regularly speaks about his experiences in the markets. He has been on CNBC and Bloomberg. He is asked to speak with people like Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker and others. In 2009, he spoke along with Tony Blair at the National Achievers Congress.

Secker is from Norfolk, England. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nottingham. Through the years, Greg has dedicated himself to helping others learn how to improve their lives through trading. In 2017, he became a member of the Ambassadors for City Philanthropy. He wants to share his good fortune with others as much as possible.

Things you need to know about Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner in 2006, who was the founder and former chief executive officer of NetGravity. He was also the principal of the highest performing school in San Jose, Calif. Besides, Rocketship education is as well a nonprofit charter management organization which was specially launched to serve over a million low income, little elementary students across the nation. According to its founder, the school is the first elementary one to have a blended model of learning.

Currently, the organization manages three elementary schools in San Jose, and the management plans to expand the venture nationally. The blended model of learning in Rocketship education entails seventy-five percent of classroom and twenty-five percent of online learning. The students attend the teaching in one lab block where they learn math, science, and other subjects.

The online learning practice in the education forum allows the instructors to be more focused on their students hence identify their problem area and correct them. Besides, the instructors also focus on the student interactions on concept extension and critical skill development. Rocketship education also uses a variety of online content programs in reading and math during the learning lab time. In online learning, the students use a single computer through which they select the content program set for the day via a final screen. After selecting the program, the students engage in a variety of activities and programs including outside learning and enrichment programs.

In addition to that, Rocketship school has set a goal to use a portion of their day school to drive one-quarter of a year student growth. Besides, the school is currently working on an SRI international on a study to measure the effectiveness of their online learning program. The effective model of learning also allows the school to reach its financial break-even in its first year of operation. Rocketship education also has plans to open more schools so as to reach more people. Besides, the organization also has plans to have many international schools which will see many students benefit from the skills and expertise of their instructors.


How Jason Hope’s Internet of Things Will Change Lives

The Internet of Things is a concept that has been gaining some serious traction over the past several years. Commonly shortened to the acronym ‘IoT’, the Internet of Things refers to the way by which the internet is going to link up with all of the stuff in our daily lives. When we say stuff, we actually mean stuff. The Internet of Things is a concept that Jason Hope, a renowned futurist and tech innovator, has been vocally getting behind for years. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is more than a fad and that it is here to stay for good. Let’s dig into why the Internet of Things might be worth paying serious attention to.

Jason Hope is a technologist and that means he is always paying attention to the way that technology is intersecting with advancements. In order to highlight how accessible the Internet of Things is becoming Hope pointed to a few major brands that are getting behind the concept. Under Armour created a line of running shoes that can track your distance and map your route. This is the Internet of Things. Microsoft is working on earbuds that will track your health and create music based on your mood. This, too, is the Internet of Things. We’ve even seen Amazon get into the game with their Amazon Dash program. The Internet of Things is already finding massive commercial success and now it is becoming more important than ever.

While entertainment and luxury are great places for technology to evolve, they aren’t the only ones. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of things has the ability to become a world changer and a life saver. Hope believes that with the right applications the Internet of Things can bring about a reduction in pollution and an improvement in life saving emergency services. Hope has been vocally behind the Internet of Things for awhile now and we are eventually going to see the rest of the industry catch up. Hope is advocating for corporations to get in on the ground floor for what should be a gigantic improvement in our daily lives.

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Securus Technologies Technology Aids in Preventing Crime

Securus Technologies is the industry leader when it comes to prison technology. The company provides a wide array of different technological solutions for correctional institutions across the United States. In fact, at the present time, Securus Technologies reports that it provides services to over 2,600 correctional facilities in the United States.


Securus Technologies was founded in the 1980s and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company is constantly expanding and increasing the number of solutions that it provides to correctional departments and institutions in North America.


Rick Smith, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, reports that the company comes up with a new product or service each week. He goes on to note that these new solutions are designed to help law enforcement and correctional officers solve crimes.


The reality is that crimes occur not only in the “real world,” but also inside correctional institutions as well. An exampled of a Securus Technologies technological solution designed to assist in detecting potential criminal activity in a correctional facility is the Securus Technologies inmate telephone system.


The head of a correctional institution recently reported on how the Securus Technologies inmate telephone system helped identify a corrupt staff member at the correctional facility. The staff member was intent on bringing contraband into the institution and delivering it to an inmate.


Thanks to the Securus Technologies inmate phone system, a warrant was obtained following the collection of evidence through an appropriate monitoring of certain phone calls. Armed with the warrant, evidence was collected that demonstrated the staff member intended to introduce contraband into the institution. He was arrested and now faces criminal prosecution.


Contraband introduced into a correctional facility includes everything from drugs to mobile phones. Stopping the flow of contraband is a major objective for correctional institutions in the United States.


Rick. A. Smith The Force Behind The Success of Securus Technologies

Securus is one of the leading companies, offering prison technology services. The company has been around since the year 1986, when it was founded in Dallas, Texas. Although, it continues to expand its operations over a number of states in North America, it still maintains its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company is known to provide cutting-edge technology products that help in deterring and solving crimes.In the year 2007, Securus Technologies was ranked as the leading provider for technology solutions for the correctional industry. The company has even invested over $600 million, to boost their technology and ensure that at least a new product is released after every two weeks. The company has also invested in a stately call center, employing hundreds of customer service agents. This is in bid to ensure that their customers are served in a timely manner. Consequently, the company has seen an increase in their clientele base, earning themselves more contracts with different correctional facilities. Today, the company boasts of serving over 1,200,000 inmates in over 45 states in the US. Also, it has contracts with over 2,500 correctional facilities.

The reason for the rapid growth and success of Securus is the leadership team behind it. Securus employs one of the best CEOs in the industry, Rick. A. Smith. Rick Smith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company and is responsible for strategic decision-making of the company. He joined the company in the year 2008 as the President and CEO of the company and the following year, the board of directors appointed him to lead as the chairman.Rick Smith is an outstanding leader given his career experiences and education background. He has been working in the technology industry for over 4 decades. During this time, he has worked with reputable companies like Eschelon Telecom and Frontier Corp.

Prior to joining Securus Technologies, in the year 2008, Rick Smith worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc. He had been with the company since the year 1998. When he first joined the company, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer. A year later, he was promoted to be crowned Chief Operations Officer, a position that he held until the year 2003, when he was a gain promoted to work as the CEO of the company. He took up this position, making him CEO and president of the company, a position to which he had been promoted in the year 2000.Before joining Eschelon Inc, Rick Smith worked for Frontier Corp. This was where his career started. Starting out in the year 1972, he held various positions including VP of Midwest Telephone Operations, CIO, Network Plant Operations Director and Director of Business Development. In the year 2007, he was promoted to the position of VP of Financial Management.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – The Facts and More

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is a current Mexican analyst. He has been a reporter. He has been a journalist.

All in all, he is a dedicated news strategist with a mission. That mission involves lasting change within Mexico. It begins with effort from each citizen.

Whether you’re looking for top competitors in Chihuahua, Delicias, Guerrero, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Costa Maya, Ensenada or anywhere else in this beautiful country, the news is here: The media can come to you whenever you want it, and its all thanks to the increasing technological and media advancements of living in today’s generation. There’s always plenty to learn about in this beautiful country, and you can begin by subscribing to daily newsletters and updates from Grupo Televisa – another similar top media provider and those actually fighting for the truth – and not merely posing a voice.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – More
The hispanic TV market is rapidly growing in both its realm of influence and in its social media strategies. In fact, you may find out more about Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and Grupo Televisa through a simple Google search. You’ll find that they may be liked, followed, re-tweeted, hashtagged and more; locate them, along with other top Mexican media companies recommended by them, anywhere on Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Tumblr and more. There is nothing to lose but much to potentially gain in doing so, especially if you’re a Mexican citizen or even a Mexican living elsewhere – such as in the great U.S., the land of the free.

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Spread the word: Mexico’s media is one voice, but you can proudly be another. Fight for the cause of this once-independent, great nation. There are now many ways to spread the word, and it all begins with having the proper knowledge: Know which media companies to trust – such as Grupo Televisa, S.A. – and which not to. Learn the importance of discerning the facts from the mere rumors as well.

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