Scaling the Heights of Success | A Young Water Company that is Growing by Leap and Bounds

During the fall of freshman year, Ryan Emmons and his friend Matt Meyer joined hands to open a water brand. Despite being one of the less liked types of beverage, it is the most popular among consumers. Ryan saw this potential and made a decision to venture into it.

Contribution to Great Success

Over a short period of only three and a half years, the company had realized a valuation of $10 million. Ryan attributes this immense success to the application of a working slogan, “drink healthy, drink sustainably, and drink ethically.” The slogan managed to create a fierce bond with consumers, a bond he hopes will continue.

Other features that made the Waiakea Water so popular is the fact that it is packed in environmentally friendly bottles. It has an extensive range of health benefits and focuses on giving back to the community.

Health Benefits of the Water

The water is harvested from the active Mauna Loa Volcano, which is one of the purest sources of water globally. The water passes through 14,000 feet volcanic making it collect health-promoting minerals including magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

The same water is also rich in alkaline and electrolytes. These two components help fight the body’s acid reflux, balance the body fluids, and fight osteoporosis.

Financial growth

Within three years and half of its inceptions, the company had already realized 4000% growth. Ryan says the support from other beverage entrepreneurs has also played a part in the growth.

Especially if you consider the company is very new, while some of those are over 50 years old. That year saw the company improve from selling 2,304 cases daily to 122,400 cases, which is equivalent to 170% growth rate.

Environmental Conservation

Waiakea Water partners with a company in Long Beach, California to have the water bottled. These bottles are made from recycling materials and consume 85% less energy.

Although the water has to be pumped for 2,500 feet through stainless steel pipes, the company manages a recharge rate of 1.4billion gallons daily. It takes a maximum of 30 days to regenerate water from the source to the refilling station.

Philanthropic Deeds

Ryan Emmons, a Santa Barbara California native, believes in giving back to the community. For every bottle of Waiakea water bought, 650ml is donated to the needy communities. The donation is made through their charity partner, PumpAid. So far, the company has managed to give 500 million liters of water to the needy communities in Africa.

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What Does White Shark Media’s Comments Section Say About Their Service?

White Shark Media has their comments page open at all times, and they have allowed their customers to leave their honest thoughts about the business on their page at any time. This article shows what a customer may learn from reading the comments page of the White Shark Media site, and they will see how the company meets the need of each customer. Customers who wish to learn the nature of the company’s work will see quite a lot when reading.


#1: What Do Customers Have To Say About The Company?


The customers who read the site will see many happy compliments of the service they have been given. The comments are filled with praise of how the company stays in touch with its customers, and there are many who will find the company helpful as they read each comment. They will see the sort of service they have been wishing for, and they will have the chance to partake of the service whenever they like.


#2: How Does The Company Support Comments?


White Shark Media replies to every comment to ensure customers know they have been heard. They want to interact with their customers as much as possible, and they will speak to their customers about anything that may be an issue. They resolve problems quickly, and they ensure customers have their voices heard when they need it.


Customers may post to the comments site at White Shark Media at anytime, and they will learn about the other experiences of customers as they read. There is a truly interactive place where everyone will learn something new about the company, and they will find there is a perfect customer experience White Shark is going for. They step in to work with each new customers, and their success shows up in the comments.

Despite Rough Year In 2016, Cotemar’s Future Is Bright


Mexican petroleum services leader, Cotemar, was forced to ax over 2300 of its employees in 2016. These layoffs hit the state of Campeche, where the company is headquarted, quite hard. Most of the state’s employees work in the petroleum sector and many breadwinners lost their sole source of income during the Mexican state’s oil downturn. However, the future is looking brighter than ever.


With the reforms to the industry that were passed in 2013 by President Nieto, Mexico, for the first time, will open its gigantic oil market to outside firms and capital. This is anticipated to lead to a flood of investment into Mexico’s ailing oil fields and major development of new sources of crude.



As Pemex falters, new reserves promise to put Mexico back on top of global crude trade


Since 2004, Mexico’s national oil output has been in an apparent state of terminal decline. This comes on the heels of its shallow water wells being slowly depleted over 30 years and the remaining crude and natural gas becoming critically contaminated by the nitrogen used to maintain positive well pressure. In lay terms, Mexico’s current wells are nearly tapped out.


But Mexico has plenty more oil in roughly the same place where its old oil came from, just a little deeper and harder to get to. It’s estimated by state geologists that Mexico has a total of over 90 billion barrels of so-called hard oil. This is buried deep in shale deposits and offshore in deep water wells. Unfortunately, Mexico never developed the huge research and development budgets nor the infrastructure to properly avail itself of these stupendous reserves.


With the Mexican oil industry now open to foreign firms with the expertise, capital and equipment to extract this oil, Mexico is primed to start gushing to the top ranks of the world’s oil producers once again.


As a long standing contractor to Pemex with deep expertise of Mexico, both geologically and politically, Cotemar is uniquely positioned to reap the bounties this new influx of capital will surely bring. With new wells coming online each week, 2017 may be the best year to date, both for Cotemar and for Mexico as a whole.

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Marcio Alaor Brazilian Entrepreneur and Banking Executive

Brazilian Marcio Alaor Vice-President of Banco BMG was born in Santo Antonio do Monte a small mining town. The opportunities were limited but he worked to achieve his goals. He is now one of Brazil’s largest entrepreneurs.


Marcio Alaor is a leader in the banking industry’s payroll deductible and personal loans. In Brazil, the high taxes have made the life of the businessman difficult. There have been some rule changes approved by their government that may give them a chance to reduce these taxes for the entrepreneurs and the small businesses. Brazil has what is known as the Simple National or Supersimples. This system will combine several taxes into a single ticket that will facilitate the operation of the small businesses. For most companies, this system will lead to a reduction in the amount of taxes they are required to pay.


The BMG Group is the largest sponsor of Brazilian football. There are 39 teams that wear their logo on their uniforms. They also have three male volleyball Superleagues and two for women along with three basketball teams. This revenue they received was their basis for growth.


In 2015 BMG formed a partnership with Banco Ita, the fifth largest bank in Brazil, which seems unusual since Banco Ita didn’t really need a partnership with any other bank. Both BMG and Banco Ita are successful banks on their own, however, the banking industry in Brazil is very competitive. These two banks have decided that they can, by forming a new bank, produce more business that will ultimately result in more revenue, and at a lower cost. A priority for the bankers in Brazil is the lowering of cost.


Even though Marcio Alaor is a busy and successful banker he still has time for the people of his village. It seems that helping others is one of the things that he does best. He tends to go beyond the call of duty and has improved the lives of working people in different ways. The forming of the new Ita BMG Bank will be instrumental in helping the working man get payroll loans to survive the recession. They believe that this new bank will attract new clients to their payroll loan department.


He has received, for helping people of the community in dealing with more that the economic and financial issues of everyday live, recognition from the San Antonio community of mount in the state of Minas Gerais.


He told the people of this community that he was humbled by the honor that they had paid him and he would work hard to keep that bond that was created with this city. He also said that one of the highlights of his life was this honor he received from their city and the inhabitants.

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Essential Products Provided by USHEALTH Group Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of the most trusted health insurance solutions providers in the entire nation. The consortium aspires to become the number one trusted choice for healthcare for all Americans. To achieve this, the company has come up with unique tailor-made insurance cover solutions for self-employed individuals, business owners, employers, for accident victims, military veterans, the sick and for the disabled.

Flexible, Affordable and Reliable

The experience of USHEALTH Group spans back some fifty years back. To date, the establishment serves well over 15 million clients. The group is the preferred choice of insurance agency for millions of individuals because of the vast array of packages it has in store for them. In stark contrast with a huge majority of the other firms out there, USHEALTH believes in letting the customers decide on the type of cover they want regardless of their budgets.

Free Consultations

The experts at the insurance agency first examine the finances of their prospective clients. This enables them to come up with a specific plan of action which suits the exact needs and wants of the customer. The licensed advisors have undergone the necessary training to provide consumers with the right info.

Award-Winning Customer Service

The staff at USHEALTH are always on call and ready to answer any lingering queries from customers. Processing claims and payments are done at break-neck speed, always. Their quality and timely services have resulted in the company scooping a large number of prestigious awards and accolades. The most notable recognition being the A+ rating they received from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the group got ranked in the top 50 list of the most elite companies in the USA by the North America Call Center Organization.

To get started, just visit their official site and click on the ‘Find an Agent’ link. The agent will guide you and counsel you on the best way forward. Their official site also succinctly lists down all the essential products the members stand to gain by signing up.

The main packages include:-


Customers on this package are exempted from having to first satisfy a calendar year deductible for network providers and then do the same for non-network service providers. Instead, they get the benefits right away. Plus, they can still use their rolled over benefits in the next calendar.


Here customers pay fixed deductibles for up to 36 months. You don’t need to change the cover upon changing jobs.


This plan is inclusive of three different alternatives. One, there’s the Premium Plan which costs $50 for individuals and $150 for families. Under the Premium Plan, you get both basic and major oral care services. Two, you get the Saver Plus Plan and then there’s the basic Saver Plan.

Other noteworthy products are:-

  • PremierVision
  • MEdGuard
  • Life Protector
  • Accident Protector
  • Income Protector
  • Essential Health Benefit
  • PPO Networks

George Soros- always bet on black

Growing up in Hungary amid an anti-Semitic climate, George Soros’ father decided to change the family’s surname from the Jewish Schwartz, which means “black”, to Soros, which means “to soar” in Hungarian. This seemingly innocuous decision was later brutally validated as George Soros’ relatives were deported to Nazi death camps, never to reappear. After the war, rather than reclaiming his ancestral name, Soros and his family opted to keep his new, lofty-sounding appellation rather than that which bore darker connotations of old.

Soros’ recent political contributions to presidential races have gained widespread attention due to their massive, unprecedented size and to the fact that they both were expended on losing candidates. All told, George Soros has donated well over $50,000,000 to presidential politics since 2004. However, this apparently losing record belies a deeper truth regarding the man whose ancestors were named Schwartz, namely, always bet on black.

A contrarian tune with a Midas touch

Many have sung Soros’ praises, and few investors in history are more deserving. Since founding his own hedge fund in 1973 on, George Soros has earned an astonishing 25% annualized return over 43 years, making him the 23rd richest man alive. This jaw-dropping feat of financial prowess includes highlights such as the incident which gave him the moniker “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”. In one bet, George Soros netted over a billion dollars when he took out more than $10 billion in put options against the pound sterling. The heavy volume of short selling eventually compelled the Bank of England to pull out of its interest rate agreements with the European Union, devaluing the pound and netting George Soros what is probably the largest profit on a single trade in history.

The phenomenally steady returns from his activities can be largely attributed to his own insights into the functioning of markets on NYTimes. Known as reflexivity, Soros was one of the first theorists to expound the idea that markets are anything but efficient and that the participants themselves and their perception of other participants’ actions often become the prime movers of pricing. At the time, this view was considered heretical in academic circles. However, over time, Soros’ ideas were proved in the greatest laboratory of all, the free market.

This all brings us, full circle, back to the strange losing bets that Soros had placed on the presidential elections in 2004 and then again in 2016. One interpretation with considerable merit is that Soros was acutely aware of the possibility of a loss but was more interested in damaging the opposing side by undermining its mandate than in actually winning. Another interpretation is simply that Soros has nearly unlimited wealth and, thus, viewed the bets as a high risk, albeit inconsequential crap shoot on Forbes.

Either way, for Soros’ ideological opponents, it would be a tremendous error to think that the large losses somehow represent an old man who has lost his magic touch. They don’t. Soros continues winning big in the markets as well as with his other political donations.

When playing roulette in the House of Soros, there’s only one way to bet.

The Quincy Shooting and Robbery

The Quincy New Brunswick is known as an apartment complex that is located in New Jersey. There is only a small amount of distance from Jersey City and New York City. There are renovations being done. This is in hopes of bringing a new set of people in that would not mind paying a good price to stay. Right now, the plans of it opening back up is set for the early part of 2017. It is also located where residents can easily access transportation. This is also in hopes of drawing more people in.


However, the reason for these renovations is because there have been some crimes related to The Quincy in previous years. In Oct 7th of 2015, there was a shooting that occurred. It was reported that one person was injured in this shooting. There were about 3 or 4 shorts reportedly fired. The person was immediately taken to a hospital. The victim had a wound but it was non life threatening. Police began investigating right away. The suspect of the shooting is thought to be a man wearing a hoodie that fled towards a street known as Nielsen street. This is according to the police radio. This case currently still being investigated. It occurred in the vicinity of building 1 of the garden apartment complex which is located at 33 Commercial Avenue in the very first ward. The very next day, the police were called because of more bullet casings that were found near the first building.


Furthermore, May 7th of 2013, a man was charged for robbery of a pizza delivery guy. The man charged goes by the name of “P gun” which is his street name. He was the leader of the crew when this robbery occurred. November, 30th of 2012, the delivery guy went to a residence in the complex on Quincy Circle. The resident told the pizza guy that there wasn’t anyone that ordered pizza at that residence. When the delivery guy walked back to his vehicle, there were 3 male suspects that came up on him from behind and told him that the pizza belonged to them. The delivery guy went back to grab the pizza when he was held at gunpoint. The suspects wanted money so they took his wallet, money, and the pizza.


Being able to get over these crimes may take some time before the Quincy is back up because it wants to offer many new amenities as well as a new and improved community. They hope that many and new positive things will come along the way and turn around any shortcomings that has taken place.

During the holidays, Securus video visitation is more important than ever

As the holidays near, many inmates will feel the deep sense of depression brought on by not being able to spend the holidays with their families. This can be especially hard for newer inmates spending their first Christmas in prison. Traditionally, the only way an inmate could see his family, friends or spouse would be for them to physically come to the prison and visit the inmate in person. Many still opt for this despite the many serious problems associated with in-person visits. However, the costs and headaches of driving to and entering the prison often times meant that inmates simply went without seeing their loved ones for Christmas.


With the advent of Securus video visitation, this is rapidly changing. The incarcerated can now spend almost unlimited time with their families through a virtual visitation system that provides an ultra-high quality video feed and voice-over-internet protocol. This is changing the lives of many inmates. And veteran prison staff has even reported a decreased incidence of violence around the holiday season as compared with decades past.


Despite all the clear benefits of video visitation, some detractors of this great new technology have continued trotting out false bogeymen that they claim prove its inefficacy. Securus Technologies recognizes the vast importance of this innovative means of communication and has thus vigorously defended its use from misinformed and ignorant critics.



Video visitation makes prisons safer


Data shows that prisons which have installed Securus video visitation systems have a lower incidence of violence and higher rates of inmate compliance. There is no mystery here. Inmates who can stay connected with the outside world and the lives that they will someday return to maintain a sense of hope and purpose that keeps them going, even in the ugly face of the daily prison grind. As any corrections officer will tell you, inmates who lose all hope are among the gravest threats faced by correctional institutions. Any measure which can palpably lift the average psychological health of an institution’s inmates is going to have myriad positive effects on the overall order and efficiency of that prison. Video visitation, with its ability to keep inmates nearly constantly connected with friends and loved ones, offers perhaps the greatest innovation in inmate mental health in decades.


But it’s not all about the inmates either. Family members often feel like they are doing the time right alongside their loved one. Video visitation alleviates some of the stress that families face while their incarcerated kin are physically absent from their lives. And at no time is this truer than over the holidays.



Developer Sam Boraie And His Family Are Building Spectacular Buildings In New Jersey

New Jersey has taken the brunt of a lot of jokes for decades. The state has been a haven for alleged mob activity, and crime. Cities like Trenton, Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, and New Brunswick were practically abandoned in the 1960s. The mass exodus to the suburbs turned the downtown areas in those cities into vacant, drug-infested melting pots. The politicians in New Jersey knew they had to bring cities like New Brunswick back to life, so a state economic development council was formed to search for an answer. But one man already had the answer. Omar Boraie started buying property in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. Sam Boraie had a vision for New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson headquarters are downtown. And Rutgers State University is still attracting students to New Brunswick from all over the country.

Sam Boraie and his team decided to develop the 21 vacant building that Boraie Development LLC purchased in the 1970s. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One was the company’s first attempt to attract businesses to downtown New Brunswick. The 250,000 square foot office building got off to a slow start, but when the building was completed in the 1980s, business people got interested. Albany Street Plaza Two was added a few years later because of the interest. Boraie Development moved the company’s offices to the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two in the early 2000s. The next Boraie project was One Spring Street, a 17-story residential building with New York City style. The Aspire Building came next. The Aspire Building is a luxury New York City type condo and office building in the heart of New Brunswick. In a matter of two decades, the Boraie family turned the New Brunswick downtown disaster area into a thriving inner-city.

Read more: Sam Boraie – Vice President @ Boraie Development

Sam Boraie, one of the vice-presidents of Boraie Development, has been instrumental in bringing New Brunswick back from the poverty stricken netherworld. Sam has also been the catalyst for starting projects in Newark and Atlantic City. Shaq O’Neil called Sam Boraie when he came back to his Newark roots. Shaq asked him to help develop the One Riverview Building in Newark. The One Riverview Building gives residents a bird’s eye view of New York City. Newark’s first high-rise building, the Rector Street Building, is another Boraie project. Sam Boraie also played a role in starting the development called the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. Sam Boraie is one of Omar’s most visible children, but all the Boraie siblings work together.

The projects that Boraie Development completes is an impressive number. But Sam Boraie work with the New Brunswick State Theater and the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise is equally impressive. Sam sits on the board of both of those organizations. He is very involved in the fundraising events that Elijah’s Promise puts together every year. And, he contributes time and money to the State Theater. Sam Boraie has become the face of Boraie Development in the state of New Jersey. Sam works, so others can live comfortably in the state he calls home.

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Working With Experts Thanks To Marc Sparks

Help from experts is a must in any field. When starting a new venture of any kind, it can be really hard to merge education with real world experience. Many people finish their education in a field such as business but they are not sure where they can go from there.

According to News9, this is a process that Marc Sparks knows well. He knows that it is imperative for those who wish to enter the field of business to have specific advice from experts. Experts like him can offer specialized advice that allows any business person to learn exactly how to start a business and what to do once they have gotten it off the ground.

In doing so, they can not only start a single business but will often have the knowledge base and understanding to allow them to start other kinds of business once the first one has been successful.

A New Program

To that end, serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks has started a new venture. The new venture, Marketing Sparks, is all about offering help for those who know what they want to do but aren’t sure where to begin. Those who are seeking help from him will find it here along with other help from experts in the field.

He offers intense sessions that take place over three hours. The aim of these sessions is to help provide a period of close mentoring that people can use and then work on while there and for a long time afterwards. Participants are taught skills such as strategy that they can apply when starting any business venture they have in mind.

The idea that is people will come away with a sharpened sense of their own viewpoint and an understanding of what is needed to see that idea come into focus.

Early Help Is Important

Marc Sparks knows that early help is very important. When any business customer has access to early help, this can mean a lifetime of skills in front of them. Sparks wants to help people harness the power of early development in their career.

A career that is based on a solid foundation of skills is one in which the participant is likely to enjoy greater success. With this new program, Sparks knows that he can reach out to people and offer them the kind of developmental assistance they need to start a business of their own.