Keeping Families Together: Securus Technologies

That is to say that, specifically, there are times in which families will have to endure the hardship of a loved one being incarcerated for one reason or another. During the incarceration period of a family member or friend, time does not stop by any means and shows absolutely no mercy to those affected by such a tragedy; however, Securus Technologies has implemented a way beyond traditional inmate visitation for families and friends to remain in contact with their loved ones who are in jail. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus Technologies offers the unprecedented options of live video visitation and “jail voicemail” to friends and family of inmates. This is invaluable to inmates who have children and/or wives and the families thereof, because there are times when physical visitation at a jail is simply impractical or altogether impossible. These families who are unable to visit their loved ones are now able to not only hear the voices of the people they care most about, but also to see their faces and surroundings outside of jail. In many ways, Securus Technologies has developed possibilities only before tangible in the dreams of homesick inmates.

A demonstration video depicts an inmate utilizing Securus’s video visitation service to see his family at home in their living room singing “Happy Birthday“. The fact that the inmate is able to participate in the occasion feels momentous simply in viewing. The inmate proceeds to vocalize that he is utterly “overwhelmed” by being able to see and hear his family even though he is in jail.

The possibilities stemming from the work of Securus Technologies are endless; however, it is logical to believe that the ability to participate in occasions such as this over video visitation with family, friends and other loved ones will serve to invigorate inmates with the feelings of love and happiness, thus promoting good behavior and overall functionality as a result of the profound incentive of being physically present with those same loved ones sooner than later.

Services offered by Securus Technologies have changed and will continue to forever change the stigma and overall reception of incarceration and the visitation and communication associated with it. Inmates will never feel as separated and distant from those they love and cherish while in jail or prison as long as Securus Technologies is present to care for their emotional and mental health by offering what has for so long been denied to them.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

IAP Worldwide Services Seeks Talent Professionals to Join Their Team

IAP Worldwide Services, an international leader in the logistics, technical and facilities management industry encourage talent professionals to join their team and fill vacant positions in management, finance and technology. The global company employs experienced and committed employees who are dedicated to fulfilling its mission. IAP employees regard the company as the best place to work in the United States and other countries. Since the early 1950s, IAP has sought after personnel to help with company’s growth, building values, and maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Presently, IAP Careers job listings comprise of six jobs located in Northern Virginia and West Palm Beach in the United States, and Bagram, Afghanistan. In Northern Virginia, IAP is looking for a full-time finance manager with six years of U.S. Government contract experience and a BA or BS degree in accounting, business management or business administration. The company is also seeking an UH-60M maintenance technician expert in West Palm Beach, Florida. IAP Worldwide Services posted four available positions in Bagram, Afghanistan, including an electrician, quality control manager, fuels tech maintenance technician, and lead fuels dispatcher.

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IAP Worldwide Services supports equal opportunity employment for women, veterans, disabled individuals and minorities. The success and growth behind the organization as a whole exist because of IAP ability to empower their employees. Their team of professionals are provided resources and expertise within the company to successfully perform their job duties safely, productively and efficiently. It has build the foundation of IAP to make them a leader in maintaining, operating and managing facilities and delivering technologies to support their customers’ needs.

The history of IAP began nearly 64 years ago when the company was named Pan Am World Services, Inc. After Johnson Controls Worldwide Services acquired Pan Am in 1990, other acquisitions happened, including JCWS. IAP Worldwide Services officially received its name in 2005 and presently has 100 locations in 20 countries. The company is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, FL and has offices in the United Kingdom, Panama City, Middle East and United States. Professionals seeking promising IAP careers in accounting, finance, and technical contact human resource for additional information.

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New Brexit Gold Coin Enters the Marketplace

There has been a great deal of media attention regarding Brittan’s exit from the European Union. The “Brexit“, as it has been called, has been getting mixed reviews from individuals all over the world. To commemorate the British exit from the European Union, The cook Islands have announced that they will be releasing a gold coin for this event. This beautiful 26mm coin shows a colored British flag over the United Kingdom. This represents the independence that the United Kingdom is showing. This beautiful coin is a great investment for anyone around the world. Collecting gold coins has always been a good way to hedge against losses in the stock market. Whenever stocks go down, commodities tend to go up. This is why it is important to diversify tour portfolio with gold and silver. Not only is this a great investment but it is also a beautiful piece that you can display in your home or office.

$5 and $20 coins are now entering the marketplace. These are a very limited printing with only 10,000 $5 coins being printed and just over 2,000 $20 coins being printed. This is a great opportunity for collectors to have a piece in their collection that will most likely be very rare in the years to come. Now is the time to jump on these coins before the price goes up dramatically. It is important to remember that there are so few of these coins.

One of the reasons that individuals think that this coin was printed was to assert British independence. Other feel as though this coin was printed as a reminder of the turmoil that the stock market had to go through right after this event. Individuals will remember this event for a very long time to come due to its historical significance. Owning this Brexit coin will be like owning a piece of history. This coin could be a beautiful piece to pass on to future generations. This gold coin is only bound to go up in value over the years due to the time it was minted. Having this coin in your collection would be a great investment surely.

The SEC Whistleblower Award That Has Applauded The Effort Of Labaton Sucharow

As a leading law firm, Labaton Sucharow has for a long time worked with clients to help them present their cases about securities violations. The company is working with their SEC Whistleblower attorney Jordan Thomas to see that all the cases presented by clients are handled professionally to help them get their deserving compensation for exposing securities violations to the SEC.

The SEC recently announced the second largest payout they ever gave to a whistleblower since inception in 2010 and it came as good news since the whistleblower was a Labaton Sucharow client. The law firm has made notable strides in the industry by first establishing a body that reviews the case to ensure the concerns presented are valid and would not amount to wastage of time at the courts.

According to Jordan A. Thomas, also the head of the Whistleblower Representation Program at Labaton Sucharow, the client was brave since the kind of information he exposed was crucial and many other people in the industry with the details could not share because of fear of exposing the investors and seniors. This is not the only case Labaton Sucharow has handled in the past since they have been working with whistleblowers since the SEC Whistleblower Program was incepted in 2010.

SEC Whistleblower Program
As a part of the 2010 amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, the Dodd-Frank provisions led to the introduction of several bodies that are tasked with championing the fight against securities violations. One such body is the SEC Whistleblower Program, which made it possible for whistleblowers to share information about securities violations from any part of the world. Through the program, thousands have presented their cases and have shared information that has helped to streamline the business world.

There are several provisions that came with the birth of the SEC Whistleblower Program and one of them is the introduction of the international whistleblower provision. This means one with information about securities violations can share regardless of the jurisdiction from which the individual comes. Through this provision, more than 11 percent of the cases reported in 2011 were from other countries.

Also a factor that has motivated whistleblowers to share information is the presence of the whistleblower protection. A whistleblower is protected from any kind of intimidation or getting fired when he/she reports about securities violations perpetrated by their employer. Having these changes in place has motivated more people to report wrong doings in different industries.

A Review Of The SEC Whistleblower Program And Labaton Sucharow’s Achievements

In the pursuit of violations perpetrated by individuals in the business world, Labaton Sucharow has helped many of their clients to get high rewards from the SEC. They have a team tasked with the review of cases and evidence to determine whether they can pass for compensation by the SEC and they also advise their clients about how they can present the case to command more recognition and rewards.

Their achievements include the latest awarding of their client by the SEC Whistleblower Program. The client received more than $17 million for sharing information about the violations that have prevailed in the financial services industry for many years. As Labaton Sucharow SEC Whistleblower Attorney Jordan Thomas cites, this is one of the cases where witnesses fear to present information to the SEC because it involves influential individuals.

However, this Labaton Sucharow client was brave enough to come out and through the support of the law firm, his case was able to earn the second best amount since the SEC Whistleblower Program was started in 2010.

There are still many cases pending at the Labaton Sucharow desks concerning securities laws violations and the firm has promised great service that will ensure the clients get assistance to pursue the issues seamlessly to completion. They are optimistic about the achievement of this kind of success in more of their clients and in curbing the violation of securities violations.

Learn about the SEC Whistleblower Program
The SEC Whistleblower Program is a product of the effort that was applied by the federal government to help curb the violation of securities laws. In 2010, the Consumer Protection Act was reviewed and several amendments made to allow better reporting capabilities among whistleblowers. Through this amendment, several bodies were formed, one of them being the SEC Whistleblower Program, which has been championing the fight against wrong doings in various industries.

Introducing the SEC Whistleblower Program came as a relief to many issues that were ailing the business world. It opened up avenues through which whistleblowers could use to share information about the violation of securities laws. One of the notable provisions that have motivated many to report violations is the fact that whistleblowers are entitled to compensation amounting to at least 10 percent of the sanction collected from the offender.

There is also a protection package that entails allowing whistleblowers to report anonymously and also ensures an employer cannot in any way intimidate an employee who reports violations to the SEC.

How the Life of George Soros Has Influenced His Stance on the Ukraine

A Glimpse Into the Life of George Soros
George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He is best known for being an immensely successful, wealthy and influential Hungarian investor and business mogul. He is also a generous philanthropist, author and a globally engaged activist. He currently resides in New York, and he contributes to many financial and left-leaning media outlets. The article being recapped below was written by him for one such outlet known as the Washington Post. His life has been more than interesting. Being born a Jew in Hungary, he had to learn to survive during the war, and he was always clever and avoided prison and deportation. In addition to his citizenship in the United States, he also holds citizenship in his native Hungary.

The Career and Passions of a Billionaire
George Soros is perhaps the wealthiest and most influential supporter of progressive and left-wing policies in the United States and European Union. He frequently funds liberal candidates and uses his influence to urge liberal political causes to come to fruition. In addition to his campaign spending, he is a well known philanthropist. He has given an estimated $11 billion to a myriad of causes between 1979 and 2015. The major piece of evidence backing this up was his influence and aid during Eastern Europe’s transition to capitalism in the 1980s. He is just very generous, and has a big political heart, which is why he is urging a bailout of the Ukraine by the European Union.

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George Soros on the Ukrainian Debt Crisis
In the fall of 2015, George Soros wrote an article for the Washington Post, which he titled, centered around and made the case for a Ukrainian bailout. The Ukraine is having trouble paying off its loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the private investors of the National Bank of Ukraine. The central bank prints the currency used by the citizens. When the money is printed, it is loaned to the citizens with interest attached to each unit of currency printed. The money is paid back through federal income taxes. The IMF is a global bank comprised of financial delegations from each country, and when it gives a loan out, the loan money comes from the income taxes of the citizens of the member nations loaning the money. Unfortunately for the Ukraine, it has undergone some serious strife with Russia’s power on the rise, and it has been unable to repay its loans, primarily to the IMF. George Soros wants the matter resolved because he is fond of the country.

George Soros Has Faith in the Ukraine to Put Faith Back in the EU
He loves the idea of the European Union, free trade and positive globalism with open borders. He has openly stated this many times, and during the election for the European Parliament and the elections held in the Ukraine in 2014, the Ukraine supported the EU and how it was being run. He has a vision of the Ukraine joining the EU and becoming a peaceful, productive member far away from Russia and its nationalism.

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How The SEC Whistleblower Program Has Been Instrumental In Reporting Securities Violations

Whistleblowers from different walks of life are reporting several security violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Back then in 2010, the Congress enacted two acts to guide whistleblowers across the country. These include the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform act. The Consumer Protection Act was effective during the Great depression of the U.S economy. On the other hand, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street act developed a whistleblower program aimed at providing employment protections and financial incentives. Under this act, people were required to report any violations regarding federal security laws to the SEC.

The Whistleblower Representation Practice

Labaton Sucharow law firm was the first firm in the nation to establish a law practice focused exclusively on advocating and protecting SEC whistleblowers. The SEC’s Whistleblower Representation Practice was built on the firm’s securities litigation platform.  These experts provide unconditional representation to whistleblowers.

The practice is headed by Jordan A. Thomas who previously held the position of Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director in the SEC’s Division of Enforcement. Jordan played an executive role towards the establishment of the Whistleblower Program throughout his tenure at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). He contributed in documenting the proposed legislation and implementing rules. The SEC is focused exclusively on helping whistleblowers to make important decisions on whether, when and how to report securities violations without professional or personal regrets.

How Whistleblowers Are Paid

According to the program’s rules, the SEC is mandated to pay qualified whistleblowers 10 to 30% of the revenue generated as a result of SEC enforcement sactions. Whistleblowers are also entitled to additional awards if a threshold of $1 million is met during monetary enforcement sanctions. Consequently, the Dodd-Frank Act prohibits any retaliation by employers leashed against whistleblowers who comply with the program’s rules. Whistleblowers can report any securities violations discretely when represented by a lawyer.

The Whistleblower Representation Team

To learn more about the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Whistleblower Program or request case evaluations, one can contact the Whistleblower Representation Team via phone or email. One can also find more information on the SEC’s website. All case evaluations and initial consultations are confidential, free and protected by the lawyer-client privilege. When consulting the Whistleblower Representation Team, one is not required to disclose personal information or names of people who have committed securities violations. Translation services are also available upon request for international whistleblowers.

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Medicare Advantage with InnovaCare Health

However, about one-third of them prefer sourcing their benefits from Medicare Advantage plan, which is also referred as Medicare private health plan. Medicare Advantage plans are Contracts with the federal government where a fixed amount of premiums is paid per person to receive the Medicare benefits.

There are various types of Medicare Advantage plan available to potential beneficiaries. Some of the most common types include Private Fee-For-Service, Preferred Provider Organization, Health Maintenance Organizations and Special Needs Plans. It is compulsory for every Medicare Advantage plan to include an absolute limit of your due expenses for Part A and B services. These limits often tend to be high. The selected plan should not include cost sharing that highly exceed the way they would have been under Original Medicare.

Some of the additional benefits of Medicare Advantage plans, which the Original Medicare does not cover, is dental care and routine vision covers. Noticeably, every plan has its rules of how and where you can get your cover, which is different from other programs. Withal, even plans falling under the same category have different rules depending on the company offering them. It is crucial always to check with your provider to find out the terms of your coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans frequently charge a premium in addition to a premium for Medicare Part B. Normally they charge a determined amount, called a copayment. One is responsible for this fixed charge whenever they receive a service.

Individuals can seek a Medicare Advantage plan if they:
• Have Medicare both Part A and B.
• Live in the area where the plan services.
• Have not been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease.

One of the preeminent providers of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services is InnovaCare Health. The current President and CEO is Dr. Rick Shinto based in Puerto Rico. Dr. Shinto has a vast experience in operational and clinical health for over 20 years. The facility’s Chief Administrative Officer is Penelope Kokkinides. Together, these two professional experts lead the facility by ensuring quality service delivery to their vast clientele.

InnovaCare Health creates cost-effective models that are sustainable, with every model fully integrating the current technology. The company has two operational Medicare Advantage plans all in Puerto Rico. The two plans of InnovaCare Health have a membership of nearly 200,000 all who are served by more than 7,500 providers. Every provider in the company strives to meet the company’s aim of satisfactorily serving their clients.

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Hiring Wikipedia Writers to Boost Your Reputation

When you start a business or are looking to boost your reputation on the internet there are a number of ways in which you can do this. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is to make a Wikipedia page. By creating a page on Wikipedia you will have a number of ways in which you can get your business and yourself on the internet. Getting a Wikipedia page can give you a number of benefits such as being on a site that is visited frequently, provide unbiased information, provide detailed information and also get more exposure as well. With all of these benefits you will have a very valuable tool to help you and your business establish a reputation on the internet.

Since this is usually one of the first sources people look when seeking information about a business or individual, it will allow you and your business to get noticed. With a frequently visited website you will be sure to get more overall exposure. Since a business or individual needs to get exposure in order to promote their business or just to let other know who they are, a Wikipedia page will often provide them with a very useful tool in establishing an image online as well as a good reputation.

Another benefit of getting a Wikipedia page for you and your business is unbiased information and protection from untrue Wikipedia edits. As you many know, Wikipedia is a very neutral site that does not contain any particular viewpoints that lean in favor of anyone or anything.  As a result you will get a truthful description of your business and/or yourself which will enable you to explain to people more about you based on proven facts. As well as providing unbiased information, a Wikipedia page will also provide detailed information that comes in a concise format. This means that you will have the opportunity to provide others with specific details about your business and yourself as an individual that will help satisfy any curiosity that is present among others. In order to put your best digital foot forward, you may want to find Wikipedia experts for hire that will help you create a perfect page for your business. Get Your Wiki is an excellent Wikipedia writing service that will provide a number of information sources such as websites about you and your business, links to sites of favorable articles about you and also topics that pertain to you as an individual or your business.

Source: Get Your Wiki

White Shark Answers Common Complaints

Throughout the extensive period of time that White Shark Media Complaints has seen that we have fine media production company has been around, we have never ceased to receive numerous joyful and positive reviews and feedback from most of our clients.

However, that isn’t to say that there have been complaints from time to time as well. While we strive hard to deliver what our clients need, we have been open to the negative criticism we have received as well. We have addressed some of the usual complaints that our clients tend to have.

“My old campaigns were performing better than your new and ‘optimized’ campaigns”

As a company who is affiliated with AdWords, we considered this to be a very important and eye-opening piece of feedback. In order to give clients success, we have implemented the following procedures:

1.) We want all of our customers to succeed in their campaigns, and we are the ones who are going to improve it for you. If you are running a campaign that is doing well, then we will still work to give you better results within the first couple of months.

2.)Every SEM Strategist is paired directly with a supervisor, who are responsible for only a few strategists.

“I don’t know how to track my AdWords performance”
Receiving results is a vital incentive to putting your faith in us. White Shark Media started a new process which will install call tracking and conversion tracking. This allows us to gather your results and optimize your experience with using AdWords.

“The majority of my customers are coming through the phone”
Time has shown us that a lot of our communication with clients and potential clients are done via phone calls. In order to keep these calls in better order, we have teamed up with Marchex to give all of our customers a call tracking feature.

Making it mandatory for each and every one of our clients to keep track of phone calls is a huge and necessary breakthrough.

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