Brad Reifler Finds a Partner in Easter Seals Dixon Center

Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital Advisors, has partnered with Easter Seals Dixon Center in an effort to benefit military veterans and their families while raising awareness of their service abroad and the challenges they face assimilating to domestic life. This partnership includes a donation in support of veterans in the amount of $3 million. The donation made from Forefront Capital Advisors will be put towards training services for employment, education, health services and advocacy.

Brad Reifler says that Eastern Seals Dixon Center has long been a known fixture in philanthropy and outreach. They’ve long worked in local capacities and with other organizations to best provide veterans with options, often unknown to them, to better their chances of finding gainful employment, seek higher education, and access medical coverage.

In a statement in Reuters, Reifler stated that the decision to partner up with Easter Seals Dixon Center had a lot to do with their mission and the number of people they assist each year, particularly when it comes to securing their financial future. Though philanthropy is the mission for Forefront Capital Advisors, such a partnership also helps their business by giving local communities men and women of character who can contribute meaningfully to their economies.

Chairman of the Easter Seals Dixon Center, Col. David W. Sutherland of the US Army (Ret.), announced the partnership in a press release the organization had released. Such a partnership benefits veterans and their families alike with a financial backing that is unfortunately lacking.

Though the donation is substantial, Forefront Capital Advisors anticipates the partnership to last, promoting this essential cause that services the veteran community and their families.

Founded by Corporate Executive Officer Brad Reifler, Forefront Capital Advisors is a financial services firm that operates internationally, and in conjunction with its subsidiaries is able to draw talent from across the business world, attracting influential clients. Working with these prized clients and essential partners, Forefront Capital Advisors forms close relationships that benefit all involved in ways that are not typically offered with other financial firms. This is achievable through long-term business relationships that value both investment practices and counsel on finance, but take into consideration the alignment of interests of all parties and the more personal aspects of business that makes partnerships invaluable.

Aside from investors and partners high up in the financial world, Forefront Capital Advisors also offers avenues of investment for niche markets that can be accessed both publicly and privately, for traditional and middle-class investors. The structure of their investment plan is made possible by offering management products that promote higher yields for investors while mitigating unnecessary risks that occur when involved in the market.

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