Beauty Queen Turned Queen of Drama: Crystal Hunt

If you enjoy a bit of drama and excitement in your life then Queens of Drama is the perfect show for you. It is a reality TV series produced by Thinkfactory Media. The show has former telenovela actresses who have been rendered unemployed by the dwindling industry. They get a chance to show the world their skills as they produce, develop and create a film production. The ultimate prize in the show is a chance to get a pilot deal at the end of series. Watch as the women struggle to get back to the screen. The all-woman show has a girl power feel to it that will leave you energized. It also has a lot of screaming and arguing as you would expect in an estrogen-filled space.

The featured actresses in the show are Chrystee Pharris, Donna Mills, Crystal Hunt, Lyndsay Hartley and Hunter Tylo. Crystal, who is always bumping heads with Hartley, plays herself. She is a deeply passionate and enthusiastic actress ready to grab whatever life throws at her with class and dignity.
We all know Crystal Hunt as Lizzie Spaulding from the show, The Guiding Light or as Stacy Morasco from One Life to Live. The beautiful blonde, both an actress and producer, has many talents and skills. Crystal says on Facebook that her hobbies include skating, skiing, water boarding, tap and jazz dancing,and knee-boarding. In 2005, the star was nominated for two awards, the Daytime Emmy award and Soap Opera Digest Award. She has produced a film, with the help of a friend, known as Talbot County.

Born in 1985, the youthful Crystal started her career in pageants. She would participate in local pageants for a chance to be crowned a beauty queen. Crystal got her first on- screen job when she advertised for an anti-drug campaign for NSYNC. She later appeared in the Warner Bros commercial for their 25th anniversary. There’s a video of her soap opera work on YouTube that defines Crystal Hunt as an actress.