White Shark Answers Common Complaints

Throughout the extensive period of time that White Shark Media Complaints has seen that we have fine media production company has been around, we have never ceased to receive numerous joyful and positive reviews and feedback from most of our clients.

However, that isn’t to say that there have been complaints from time to time as well. While we strive hard to deliver what our clients need, we have been open to the negative criticism we have received as well. We have addressed some of the usual complaints that our clients tend to have.

“My old campaigns were performing better than your new and ‘optimized’ campaigns”

As a company who is affiliated with AdWords, we considered this to be a very important and eye-opening piece of feedback. In order to give clients success, we have implemented the following procedures:

1.) We want all of our customers to succeed in their campaigns, and we are the ones who are going to improve it for you. If you are running a campaign that is doing well, then we will still work to give you better results within the first couple of months.

2.)Every SEM Strategist is paired directly with a supervisor, who are responsible for only a few strategists.

“I don’t know how to track my AdWords performance”
Receiving results is a vital incentive to putting your faith in us. White Shark Media started a new process which will install call tracking and conversion tracking. This allows us to gather your results and optimize your experience with using AdWords.

“The majority of my customers are coming through the phone”
Time has shown us that a lot of our communication with clients and potential clients are done via phone calls. In order to keep these calls in better order, we have teamed up with Marchex to give all of our customers a call tracking feature.

Making it mandatory for each and every one of our clients to keep track of phone calls is a huge and necessary breakthrough.

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