Marcio Alaor Brazilian Entrepreneur and Banking Executive

Brazilian Marcio Alaor Vice-President of Banco BMG was born in Santo Antonio do Monte a small mining town. The opportunities were limited but he worked to achieve his goals. He is now one of Brazil’s largest entrepreneurs.


Marcio Alaor is a leader in the banking industry’s payroll deductible and personal loans. In Brazil, the high taxes have made the life of the businessman difficult. There have been some rule changes approved by their government that may give them a chance to reduce these taxes for the entrepreneurs and the small businesses. Brazil has what is known as the Simple National or Supersimples. This system will combine several taxes into a single ticket that will facilitate the operation of the small businesses. For most companies, this system will lead to a reduction in the amount of taxes they are required to pay.


The BMG Group is the largest sponsor of Brazilian football. There are 39 teams that wear their logo on their uniforms. They also have three male volleyball Superleagues and two for women along with three basketball teams. This revenue they received was their basis for growth.


In 2015 BMG formed a partnership with Banco Ita, the fifth largest bank in Brazil, which seems unusual since Banco Ita didn’t really need a partnership with any other bank. Both BMG and Banco Ita are successful banks on their own, however, the banking industry in Brazil is very competitive. These two banks have decided that they can, by forming a new bank, produce more business that will ultimately result in more revenue, and at a lower cost. A priority for the bankers in Brazil is the lowering of cost.


Even though Marcio Alaor is a busy and successful banker he still has time for the people of his village. It seems that helping others is one of the things that he does best. He tends to go beyond the call of duty and has improved the lives of working people in different ways. The forming of the new Ita BMG Bank will be instrumental in helping the working man get payroll loans to survive the recession. They believe that this new bank will attract new clients to their payroll loan department.


He has received, for helping people of the community in dealing with more that the economic and financial issues of everyday live, recognition from the San Antonio community of mount in the state of Minas Gerais.


He told the people of this community that he was humbled by the honor that they had paid him and he would work hard to keep that bond that was created with this city. He also said that one of the highlights of his life was this honor he received from their city and the inhabitants.

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