Juan “OG” Perez Eating Life With A Big Spoon

Our birthdays are always close to our hearts. We get to save and spend as it is a once in a year event. Recently it has been proved to us that nobody holds a birthday party better than JAY Z’s business partner and friend OG Juan. OG Juan celebrated 50th birthday over the President’s Day weekend that just went down.

The party was composed of a small group of friends who belong to his inner circle. On this day, JAY Z spent over $113, 000 to make it memorable for his long time friend, another $13, 000 was spent on dinner alone. When it came to the drinks that were taken at a hotel, $19,000 was cashed out only for this. The climax of the lavish night was marked with $91, 000 that was spent explicitly on a birthday tab at a club. OG Juan is a businessman and the president of Roc Nation Sports.

Desiree Perez, the wife to OG Perez, started living it large on that night when her friends accompanied her to Midtown where they dined at a modern international hotel, owned by Zuma who is also a friend to JAY Z. The friends were served and welcomed to a dinner of sushi, steak, and lobsters served by Zuma himself. After dining, the friends found their way to Inwood and spent their time at a nightclub restaurant known as Made in Mexico. It is in this restaurant that $19,000 was spent on liquor.

After the first round of drinks, the friends split, and only Perez, JAY Z, and few other friends proceeded to Playroom Nightclub to continue with the celebrations. The party went on until the early morning of Monday, and by this time, over 20 bottles of the Ace of Spades Rose and Ace of Spades Gold had gone down. For sure it was a night worth talking about.

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