Examines Top NCAAB In-Season Team Win Predictions

College basketball is exciting to watch. One arguable benefit NCAAB games have over NBA events is college basketball is harder to predict. While this can make for an exciting season, those who want to make money gambling might wonder about the reliability of college basketball odds. is the proverbial best of the best when it comes to displaying info about sports odds. The analysis presented on the site is top of the line. Recently, posted a video discussing one of the most difficult of factors to predict: the team capable of walking away with the most wins during the season.

An interview posted on the editorial section of the site took place at the sportsbook at the Mirage Las Vegas with one of the top managers, Jeff Stoneback.

Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky were listed as the “bluebloods” since they were selected as the teams that would have more than 25 wins. In retrospect, Stoneback noted some teams were ranked a bit too high. UNLV would be one of those teams that turned out to perform a lot differently than the early predictions.

Making any predictions with college basketball odds or results is not easy. Those who have tried to figure out March Madness odds will note any attempts at making predictions comes with risks. Selecting the teams capable of getting the most wins during the season could be among the most difficult determinations of all. This is why Stoneback pointed out the predictions on wins during the season are limited to just 20 teams. Too many variables are at play to try and rank 50 or so teams.

As those who followed the listed 20 teams during the season now realize, things happen during the season that were not foreseen before the season commenced. Teams predicted to perform less-than-stellar do well and those with high expectations of winning can end up performing in a subpar manner. Even a slightly disappointing performance could go against the grain of predicted odds.

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