James Larkin: The Man Who Fought For Worker’s Rights In Ireland

James Larkin is an important figure in Ireland who was responsible for numerous movements aimed to improve the conditions of the trade union workers. He was one of the most well known social activists of his time and contributed immensely to the changes that Ireland saw in the work scene.

He was born in 1876 to an Irish family, who lived in Liverpool at the time. The family was not well off, and worked hard just to make ends meet.

Since a very early age, James Larkin had to take on numerous jobs to provide for his family and so that they could afford the very necessities. When he was seven, he used to follow a routine unlike most kids his age. He would get up in the morning and attend his school and then go to work at one of his several jobs soon after he finished for the day.

He led a gruesome routine, but he worked hard for the benefit of his family. When he was just a teenager, he lost his father which made things even harder for the family. He started working in the same position as his father but was soon let go. This made him want to go and find a better job in a better-developed area of the country. Read more: The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

He then went on to get a job as a sailor at a shipping company. Having experienced so many jobs through the course of his life, he knew the hardships that one would have to face and the harsh conditions that people had to endure just to make ends meet. This is what inspired him to work for change and bring about reform in the system.

While he was working as a sailor, he became the head of the strike committee and organized his workers to get their demands heard, and to have their work conditions improved.

One of the main things that James worked hard to enforce was the movement against the Chinese immigrants who were attaining a position in the company. These people would work for longer hours at lesser wages, so companies started letting their country men go.

James Larkin wanted to fight for the rights of these workers, putting forward the idea that giving jobs to people of Irish nationality would only benefit the country rather than giving it to immigrants to benefit their countries.

James Larkin was best known for his work with the Irish Labor movement, and his effort to mobilize the workers to fight for their rights. The movement took place in Belfast and was one of the biggest of its time. With the implementation of a strike, James Larkin got companies to hear their workers demands, and provide them with higher wages and better work hours.

Soon after that, James Larkin started going to other parts of the country to do the same, and to bring about change in the system. His efforts were extremely fruitful, and he changed the lives of numerous people all over Ireland.