Essential Products Provided by USHEALTH Group Health Insurance

USHEALTH Group Inc. is one of the most trusted health insurance solutions providers in the entire nation. The consortium aspires to become the number one trusted choice for healthcare for all Americans. To achieve this, the company has come up with unique tailor-made insurance cover solutions for self-employed individuals, business owners, employers, for accident victims, military veterans, the sick and for the disabled.

Flexible, Affordable and Reliable

The experience of USHEALTH Group spans back some fifty years back. To date, the establishment serves well over 15 million clients. The group is the preferred choice of insurance agency for millions of individuals because of the vast array of packages it has in store for them. In stark contrast with a huge majority of the other firms out there, USHEALTH believes in letting the customers decide on the type of cover they want regardless of their budgets.

Free Consultations

The experts at the insurance agency first examine the finances of their prospective clients. This enables them to come up with a specific plan of action which suits the exact needs and wants of the customer. The licensed advisors have undergone the necessary training to provide consumers with the right info.

Award-Winning Customer Service

The staff at USHEALTH are always on call and ready to answer any lingering queries from customers. Processing claims and payments are done at break-neck speed, always. Their quality and timely services have resulted in the company scooping a large number of prestigious awards and accolades. The most notable recognition being the A+ rating they received from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the group got ranked in the top 50 list of the most elite companies in the USA by the North America Call Center Organization.

To get started, just visit their official site and click on the ‘Find an Agent’ link. The agent will guide you and counsel you on the best way forward. Their official site also succinctly lists down all the essential products the members stand to gain by signing up.

The main packages include:-


Customers on this package are exempted from having to first satisfy a calendar year deductible for network providers and then do the same for non-network service providers. Instead, they get the benefits right away. Plus, they can still use their rolled over benefits in the next calendar.


Here customers pay fixed deductibles for up to 36 months. You don’t need to change the cover upon changing jobs.


This plan is inclusive of three different alternatives. One, there’s the Premium Plan which costs $50 for individuals and $150 for families. Under the Premium Plan, you get both basic and major oral care services. Two, you get the Saver Plus Plan and then there’s the basic Saver Plan.

Other noteworthy products are:-

  • PremierVision
  • MEdGuard
  • Life Protector
  • Accident Protector
  • Income Protector
  • Essential Health Benefit
  • PPO Networks