The Quincy Shooting and Robbery

The Quincy New Brunswick is known as an apartment complex that is located in New Jersey. There is only a small amount of distance from Jersey City and New York City. There are renovations being done. This is in hopes of bringing a new set of people in that would not mind paying a good price to stay. Right now, the plans of it opening back up is set for the early part of 2017. It is also located where residents can easily access transportation. This is also in hopes of drawing more people in.


However, the reason for these renovations is because there have been some crimes related to The Quincy in previous years. In Oct 7th of 2015, there was a shooting that occurred. It was reported that one person was injured in this shooting. There were about 3 or 4 shorts reportedly fired. The person was immediately taken to a hospital. The victim had a wound but it was non life threatening. Police began investigating right away. The suspect of the shooting is thought to be a man wearing a hoodie that fled towards a street known as Nielsen street. This is according to the police radio. This case currently still being investigated. It occurred in the vicinity of building 1 of the garden apartment complex which is located at 33 Commercial Avenue in the very first ward. The very next day, the police were called because of more bullet casings that were found near the first building.


Furthermore, May 7th of 2013, a man was charged for robbery of a pizza delivery guy. The man charged goes by the name of “P gun” which is his street name. He was the leader of the crew when this robbery occurred. November, 30th of 2012, the delivery guy went to a residence in the complex on Quincy Circle. The resident told the pizza guy that there wasn’t anyone that ordered pizza at that residence. When the delivery guy walked back to his vehicle, there were 3 male suspects that came up on him from behind and told him that the pizza belonged to them. The delivery guy went back to grab the pizza when he was held at gunpoint. The suspects wanted money so they took his wallet, money, and the pizza.


Being able to get over these crimes may take some time before the Quincy is back up because it wants to offer many new amenities as well as a new and improved community. They hope that many and new positive things will come along the way and turn around any shortcomings that has taken place.