The Devos Family in Washington: Read About Dick Devos’ New FAA Moves

Most people know Rich Devos. He was the founder of Amway. His son Dick Devos has followed in his footsteps, becoming President and CEO of Amway in the late 1990s and also starting his own business The Windquest Group. However, Devos has also been affiliated with the Republican Party for many years and even had a gubernatorial run in Michigan in 2006. While he didn’t win the bid for governorship, he continues to work within politics, especially as his wife is the 11th US Secretary of Education.


Devos is a powerhouse coming from a business background but with the charisma and intelligence of a community leader. He has been working alongside other businesses for quite some time, but not doing what you would expect. With his company The Windquest Group, he has helped businesses exclusively that want to help make the world a better place. This includes organizations like Boxed Water.


In addition, Devos is an avid aviator and has licenses for several aircraft. He is the co-founder of a pilot training and charter school in Grand Rapids, and he was just recently nominated to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council. Betsy Devos isn’t the only one in Washington anymore.


Dick Devos will be helping the FAA with a number of new policies and regulations that it must meet before the end of 2020. This is due to the challenge that President Trump delivered to the FAA in the beginning of his presidency. He stated that America’s airports had fallen behind. Ever since then, the FAA has been trying to respond with updates to policies and budget changes, including a $40 million investment into a new tower for the GSO.


Devos has experience helping airports in trouble. He has worked with the airport in his hometown of Grand Rapids for many years. It all started in 1999 when the airport re-launched as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While it was a great name and change for the historical airport, it didn’t bring in much ticket sales. That’s when Devos brought in a new idea. He wanted to target business travelers.


He began by working with the CEO of AirTran Airways. He made one phone call to the CEO and got the airline to expand with four new destinations. This included areas like Vegas, St. Louis, Denver, and Orlando. Devos had an idea that was going to make it impossible for the airport to remain stagnant.


His plan worked, and within months, the airport was booming with activity. This led to a $45 million renovation project that will be completed at the end of 2018.


Devos has had a lot of experience within aviation, so it’s a great move for him to work with the FAA. It remains to be seen what else he will get into while he is in Washington.


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Philanthropist Betsy DeVos Continues Efforts

Betsy DeVos and her husband are known for their charitable giving. It isn’t just one area that they give in either. Being from Michigan, she has seen her fair share of issues and seeks to help others in every way she can. In fact, the DeVos family has given over one billion dollars to philanthropic efforts. That’s more than most other families in America.


Education has a special place in Betsy DeVos’ heart. She gave a whopping $90 million in 2013 to educational needs, health services, social nets, community needs, churches, and more. One of the education fronts she has led involves training educators in school systems on how to teach better.


For example, in lower income neighborhoods in Detroit, many children skip class. The teachers received training and results changed. Soon, 30% more children were attending class than before. This is especially helpful as it was minorities that were missing school.


DeVos has worked with a number of faith based organizations to arrange for people to get access to basic every day social services that most people already have, but that those with little means struggle with. This includes driver licenses, employment, health services, showers, food, and places to sleep. One woman had an amazing success story. After receiving the proper help, she was able to find work and get off the streets in a little over a month.


DeVos has been the co-chair of the Education Freedom Fund since 1993. This organization hands out scholarships to those with income that is not average in Michigan. She has biven $7.5 million to match a donation by the Children’s Scholarship Fund as well, putting her own money on the line to show how much she cares.


DeVos has been the chair of Kids First which helps parents get tax credits and send their children to the school of their choice. She also is on the board of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which helps economic groups, higher education, and hospitals. This has helped kids pursue the degree of their choice, getting degrees from college and even MBAs.


She sponsors a scholarship for kids who have a business mind and show good promise. In addition, she is involved with Grand Action. This aims to bring business and government leaders in the same room to solve some of the toughest problems that Detroit has. Since then, the downtown area has experienced immense growth and is poised to rapidly expand.


In a world where there is not enough philanthropy, Betsy DeVos fills the gap. She has been giving her own money, time, and advice for years. Her service is helping her local community grow and expand one step at a time, and it’s not slowing down.


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Dick and Betsy DeVos are not new names to any American. They are well known for their political contributions more so in support of Republican candidates. This has not been received well by some people who are quick to criticize them. However, the amount of political contributions is far below the amount they have contributed to charity work. The total amount issued for charity is estimated at $139 million in their lifetime.

Betsy DeVos is a nominee for the post of Education Secretary in the US. The couple is undergoing scrutiny as to the reason behind their contributions. It is due to this that the DeVos has decided to make it clear the reason behind their charitable activities that is channeled through their foundation.

The involvement of Betsy and Dick DeVos in the Republican politics is not something new, but it’s a continuation of the DeVos’ larger family. It has been involved significantly in the Republican politics over the past years. Rich DeVos, Dick’s father, and Amway co-founder set the pillar and background that they follow today. The family is well- known for contribution to the charity which accumulated to $104 million in 2015. This made them ranked 24th in 2015 by Forbes on the list of “America’s Recent Top Givers.” The DeVos family lifetime contribution stands at $1.33 billion.

The question one would ask is: “Why do the DeVos give out millions to charity?” This is an easy question, and the DeVos believe that what matters is not what you own or the lifestyle you live in, but the amount you give out to the less fortunate. Dick and Betsy Devos’ preference is education. Based on 2015, the percentage allocated to education was 26%. This amounted to $3 million. To add to that, they also supported institutions that promote education reforms with $357,000.

Dick Devos firmly believes that the current education system is not favorable to achieve the American mission. The reason is that some people are not able to acquire the appropriate education due to their locations. Dick Devos primary concern is to find a means that will make the teachers more efficient so that they can be of help to every child.In 2013, those who benefited from DeVos’ charity included: West Michigan Aviation Academy, Rehoboth Christian School, Ferris State University, Potter’s House, Compass College of Cinematic Arts, and Northwood University amongst others.

Critics such as Mark Brewer are quick to challenge these contributions and say that the charity contributions are aimed at driving away attention from political contributions. However, this is not the case, and DeVos insists that these contributions are to help people directly and not for their gain. The institutions funded by the DeVos have been successful, and an example is West Michigan Aviation Academy. Its last graduation led to licensed pilots under its name. Apart from education, DeVos also donate to leadership, health, civic education, and churches.