What Nathaniel Ru Means By Everything Lasting Longer

Nathaniel Ru is one of three entrepreneurs who built a healthy eating company known as Sweetgreen that is becoming popular across the nation and has changed the way many people look at green food. He’s also helped promote Sweetgreen through Sweetlife music festival, though that has now been discontinued and will have a new musical format replacing it.

But he has always believed that more could be done to educate young people about good eating and how salads and fruits play such an important role in regular diets. But Ru has also talked about his company’s philosophy including the saying that everything they do should last longer.

The meaning behind this statement is that every decision that either Ru or his friends, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman make should be one that will be for the good of not only the company but the communities it serves.

According to Fortune, Nathaniel Ru also believes in making a lasting impression on all company employees and making sure they have a happy workplace while also encouraging them to be genuine in their interaction with customers. Currently Ru, Jammet and Neman are enjoying running their company from Los Angeles while still taking time out of their schedules to work at local Sweetgreen kitchens, but it wasn’t always like this for the three CEOs.

Nathaniel Ru and his friends came to Georgetown University back in the mid 2000s with the hope of starting a business just as their parents had when they first moved to the US. While living on campus, the three students felt the healthy food choices could be improved, and that began their idea to run a healthy eating restaurant.

They knew nothing of running a restaurant business and took a little time to setup shop on campus, but they managed to turn a small square into the first Sweetgreen operation. They knew they would be successful after managing to keep the restaurant open during winter break.

In the coming years Sweetgreen started to grow and Georgetown students loved it, but Ru, Jammet and Neman felt more could still be done to pitch it to millennials. So they began the music festival part of it and before long outdoor concerts became a regularity with the company.

Soon they started incorporating technology and a Sweetgreen app to enhance the customer experience, and the restaurant chain became a disruptor in the food industry with the utilization of online ordering and salad customization.