David Osio set to brighten the future of More People through Philanthropy and Investment

David Osio, the founder of the Davos Group has moved to widen his philanthropic efforts in a bid to help empower communities across the world. Before founding the group of companies, Mr. Osio worked as the VP of commercial banking in Banco Latino International. David is a graduate of international banking law. Learn more: http://www.erienewsnow.com/story/32593570/financial-advisor-david-j-osio-increases-philanthropic-support-on-a-global-scale

The Davos Real Estate Group, a company that is affiliated with the Davos Financial Group, is proud to announce the launch of their new app dubbed the Davos CAP calculator. The groundbreaking app is a masterpiece that is meant to change the way investors invest in properties in USA.

Davos Real Estate Group was established with the aim of offering investors alternative real estate investments that align with their expectations. The group is relying on a team of experts who can offer their clients advice on new developments, mortgages, sales process, and legal issues that may affect their operations.

When investors are looking forward to diversifying their portfolio, real estate investments are a good way to balance the assets and incomes. The risks associated with real estate investments are minimal compared to other investments. Subsequently, real estate investments help to mitigate the risks.

In his analysis, the Group’s CEO and president, Mr. David Osio, postulates that the diversification will offer investors protection against inflation and provide an improved level of performance of their investments.

Just like any other investment, real estate investments require research and due diligence before barging into a buying spree. Investors must calculate the cost of investments that include all expenses incurred while purchasing a property. These costs must be put into consideration before making the investment so that the investor can determine how much money they will make off a deal.

The value of a real estate investment can also increase or decrease with time based on various factors. Investors need to be aware of all the factors that may affect the value of the property in future.

In order to help investors while making investment decisions, the Davos Real Estate Group invested in developing an app that would help investors make accurate projections. The Davos CAP calculator can be used to calculate the estimated income from a certain property or give the user an estimate of the rental income flows the property is expected to generate.

The app, which is available on apple and android devices, will help potential investors in calculating costs associated with a real estate investment and the projected income. The app is just one of the several apps that the company plans to launch in the future.

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