Developer Sam Boraie And His Family Are Building Spectacular Buildings In New Jersey

New Jersey has taken the brunt of a lot of jokes for decades. The state has been a haven for alleged mob activity, and crime. Cities like Trenton, Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, and New Brunswick were practically abandoned in the 1960s. The mass exodus to the suburbs turned the downtown areas in those cities into vacant, drug-infested melting pots. The politicians in New Jersey knew they had to bring cities like New Brunswick back to life, so a state economic development council was formed to search for an answer. But one man already had the answer. Omar Boraie started buying property in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. Sam Boraie had a vision for New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson headquarters are downtown. And Rutgers State University is still attracting students to New Brunswick from all over the country.

Sam Boraie and his team decided to develop the 21 vacant building that Boraie Development LLC purchased in the 1970s. The Albany Street Plaza Tower One was the company’s first attempt to attract businesses to downtown New Brunswick. The 250,000 square foot office building got off to a slow start, but when the building was completed in the 1980s, business people got interested. Albany Street Plaza Two was added a few years later because of the interest. Boraie Development moved the company’s offices to the Albany Street Plaza Tower Two in the early 2000s. The next Boraie project was One Spring Street, a 17-story residential building with New York City style. The Aspire Building came next. The Aspire Building is a luxury New York City type condo and office building in the heart of New Brunswick. In a matter of two decades, the Boraie family turned the New Brunswick downtown disaster area into a thriving inner-city.

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Sam Boraie, one of the vice-presidents of Boraie Development, has been instrumental in bringing New Brunswick back from the poverty stricken netherworld. Sam has also been the catalyst for starting projects in Newark and Atlantic City. Shaq O’Neil called Sam Boraie when he came back to his Newark roots. Shaq asked him to help develop the One Riverview Building in Newark. The One Riverview Building gives residents a bird’s eye view of New York City. Newark’s first high-rise building, the Rector Street Building, is another Boraie project. Sam Boraie also played a role in starting the development called the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. Sam Boraie is one of Omar’s most visible children, but all the Boraie siblings work together.

The projects that Boraie Development completes is an impressive number. But Sam Boraie work with the New Brunswick State Theater and the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise is equally impressive. Sam sits on the board of both of those organizations. He is very involved in the fundraising events that Elijah’s Promise puts together every year. And, he contributes time and money to the State Theater. Sam Boraie has become the face of Boraie Development in the state of New Jersey. Sam works, so others can live comfortably in the state he calls home.

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