During the holidays, Securus video visitation is more important than ever

As the holidays near, many inmates will feel the deep sense of depression brought on by not being able to spend the holidays with their families. This can be especially hard for newer inmates spending their first Christmas in prison. Traditionally, the only way an inmate could see his family, friends or spouse would be for them to physically come to the prison and visit the inmate in person. Many still opt for this despite the many serious problems associated with in-person visits. However, the costs and headaches of driving to and entering the prison often times meant that inmates simply went without seeing their loved ones for Christmas.


With the advent of Securus video visitation, this is rapidly changing. The incarcerated can now spend almost unlimited time with their families through a virtual visitation system that provides an ultra-high quality video feed and voice-over-internet protocol. This is changing the lives of many inmates. And veteran prison staff has even reported a decreased incidence of violence around the holiday season as compared with decades past.


Despite all the clear benefits of video visitation, some detractors of this great new technology have continued trotting out false bogeymen that they claim prove its inefficacy. Securus Technologies recognizes the vast importance of this innovative means of communication and has thus vigorously defended its use from misinformed and ignorant critics.



Video visitation makes prisons safer


Data shows that prisons which have installed Securus video visitation systems have a lower incidence of violence and higher rates of inmate compliance. There is no mystery here. Inmates who can stay connected with the outside world and the lives that they will someday return to maintain a sense of hope and purpose that keeps them going, even in the ugly face of the daily prison grind. As any corrections officer will tell you, inmates who lose all hope are among the gravest threats faced by correctional institutions. Any measure which can palpably lift the average psychological health of an institution’s inmates is going to have myriad positive effects on the overall order and efficiency of that prison. Video visitation, with its ability to keep inmates nearly constantly connected with friends and loved ones, offers perhaps the greatest innovation in inmate mental health in decades.


But it’s not all about the inmates either. Family members often feel like they are doing the time right alongside their loved one. Video visitation alleviates some of the stress that families face while their incarcerated kin are physically absent from their lives. And at no time is this truer than over the holidays.