Geoff Cone Talks About Taxes in New Zealand

Taxes are a hot topic in New Zealand. Many people move to the country in hopes that they will be able to get the easy taxes that they have heard about in the country but many are also disappointed at the fact that the taxes don’t exactly line up with what they have expected from the country.

Geoffrey Cone is half of a global attorney duo. His firm works with people who are planning to move to different countries and he often sees people who are moving to New Zealand because they think that they will be able to get tax breaks when they make the decision to move there. He has to help a lot of people who are disappointed, though, because New Zealand does not have the tax breaks that people think they are going to get when they first make the transition to the country.

As a global attorney, it is Geoff Cone’s job to explain to people that New Zealand has tax transparency. This means that people are able to see what their taxes are going to be like ahead of time, what they are used for and other factors. In addition, New Zealand reports the taxes that they have in their country to other countries who may have different tax policies. That is the only thing that tax transparency does. It does not promise lower taxes and it certainly does not exempt people from these taxes because it is not a tax-free country, only one that is tax transparent.

When it comes to tax-free, there are quite a few countries that do have tax-free living. These countries are tax havens for people who have a lot of money. Anyone who chooses to move to these countries should have enough money that they are able to still live comfortably in the poor conditions. The person should also be able to have enough money that they are affected by taxes. Moving to a tax haven will keep them from having to spend a large amount of money on taxes and losing out on what they have made for themselves.

Geoff Cone knows a lot about tax havens. He works each year to help compile the list of tax-free countries so that people can know exactly what they are getting when they move there. He also wants to make sure that the tax-free attitude in these countries stays the same. When it comes to tax havens, Geoff Cone also takes advantage of a country that does not have taxes. He does this because he is confident in the skills that he has acquired and he knows that the money part of the process is very important to be able to keep.

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