How the Life of George Soros Has Influenced His Stance on the Ukraine

A Glimpse Into the Life of George Soros
George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He is best known for being an immensely successful, wealthy and influential Hungarian investor and business mogul. He is also a generous philanthropist, author and a globally engaged activist. He currently resides in New York, and he contributes to many financial and left-leaning media outlets. The article being recapped below was written by him for one such outlet known as the Washington Post. His life has been more than interesting. Being born a Jew in Hungary, he had to learn to survive during the war, and he was always clever and avoided prison and deportation. In addition to his citizenship in the United States, he also holds citizenship in his native Hungary.

The Career and Passions of a Billionaire
George Soros is perhaps the wealthiest and most influential supporter of progressive and left-wing policies in the United States and European Union. He frequently funds liberal candidates and uses his influence to urge liberal political causes to come to fruition. In addition to his campaign spending, he is a well known philanthropist. He has given an estimated $11 billion to a myriad of causes between 1979 and 2015. The major piece of evidence backing this up was his influence and aid during Eastern Europe’s transition to capitalism in the 1980s. He is just very generous, and has a big political heart, which is why he is urging a bailout of the Ukraine by the European Union.

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George Soros on the Ukrainian Debt Crisis
In the fall of 2015, George Soros wrote an article for the Washington Post, which he titled, centered around and made the case for a Ukrainian bailout. The Ukraine is having trouble paying off its loans to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the private investors of the National Bank of Ukraine. The central bank prints the currency used by the citizens. When the money is printed, it is loaned to the citizens with interest attached to each unit of currency printed. The money is paid back through federal income taxes. The IMF is a global bank comprised of financial delegations from each country, and when it gives a loan out, the loan money comes from the income taxes of the citizens of the member nations loaning the money. Unfortunately for the Ukraine, it has undergone some serious strife with Russia’s power on the rise, and it has been unable to repay its loans, primarily to the IMF. George Soros wants the matter resolved because he is fond of the country.

George Soros Has Faith in the Ukraine to Put Faith Back in the EU
He loves the idea of the European Union, free trade and positive globalism with open borders. He has openly stated this many times, and during the election for the European Parliament and the elections held in the Ukraine in 2014, the Ukraine supported the EU and how it was being run. He has a vision of the Ukraine joining the EU and becoming a peaceful, productive member far away from Russia and its nationalism.

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