Infinity Group Australia: Winning Awards for Helping Australians with their Debt

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Based in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Sydney, the company is a debt counselling and reduction firm that also provides financial planning and investment services. Holm and Walker, also a couple in real life in addition to being business partners, spent six months researching if the idea of counselling and reduction of debt would make for a viable business model after Holm, who spent 10 years at a Big 4 financial institution, noticed that these services were not being provided by the big banks.


After the research phase, Infinity Group Australia was officially founded and began offering their services to the public. The success they’ve had with reducing debts, helping people plan for retirement and paying off debts and mortgages fast in near 100%. They provide long-term services for their clients, as opposed to the lending banks and debt holders who tend to let their customers dangle in limbo with no helping hand.


So for a helping hand navigating the ins and outs of Australia’s financial laws and world, Australians can turn to Infinity Group Australia. They were given the Australian Financial Review’s 58th spot on the 100 Most Innovative Businesses earlier this year. The award is handed out from a field of over a thousand Australian and New Zealand businesses who show that they are growing, thriving businesses with an original and innovative approach to their fields. The prestigious award is given out annually and represents a list of businesses to watch in the coming years, businesses whose services or results are in the public good while still being a profitable company.


The large banking institutions in Australia have no legal responsibility to help their borrowers and customers after they’ve worked out the initial payment options. Infinity Group Australia meets this need, providing counselling through the laws and loopholes of debt and mortgage in Australia. If Infinity Group Australia’s clients don’t save money, then IGA doesn’t make a profit. So they know all the rules and regulations surrounding your debt repayment, making them a viable partner for anyone over their head in debt, regardless of their perceived ability to pay for the services.


Holm and Walker began IGA out of a home office five years ago, but have frown so fast they now have a full staff and official offices located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Sydney. Learn more :