Kim Dao And Friends Have A Picnic In The Park

It is Kim Dao’s final day in Denmark. She is going to do some last minute shopping. She wants to get some souvenirs. She gets a hot dog first because the shoppes are not open yet. She also gets a chi latte. She is makeup shopping. She wants to buy some candy for her friends in Korea. She buys a bottle of water.


She is on the plane. She is in London. She gets something to eat. Kim Dao orders some mac n cheese but there was a mistake with her food. Instead, she got something from the convenience store. She will be boarding soon to Hong Kong. She is now on her flight. Learn more:


Kim Dao has landed. She has a 12 hour layover. She is currently in the lounge about to eat. She is going to edit some videos and take a shower. She took a long nap because she is exhausted from all the traveling. She ate some spaghetti and going to eat some more. She explains her travelling schedule. Kim Dao enjoyed her time in Denmark. Her family took good care of her. She mentioned she was there for sad reasons but made the best of it. She will be going back. She ordered some dessert and water. Learn more:


Kim Dao has made it back to Tokyo. She is doing her makeup. Her and Sunny are preparing to visit a lot of countries soon. They want to explore the world and eat some good food. Kim Dao has a picnic with friends. Learn more:


Her video here.