New Laws Affecting Antique Gun Collectibles

Antique guns are a very collectible item. There are millions of antique gun collectors around the world. There are numerous antique gun shows around the country and across the globe that are held during the year. The majority of people that collect the antique guns are upright citizens and the guns are purely for enjoyment and dedication to their hobby. However, Police Lobbyist in the UK would like to bring about a few changes that would dramatically affect antique gun collectors. They would like antique guns licensed in the country.

Problems Licensing Antique Guns

The problem in the UK is that antique gun status is not clearly defined. The fact that the law is vague on the subject is delaying antique gun licensing. Still, several documents were released that attempted to define an antique gun that should not fall under licensing. For example, any type of gun that was clearly outdated and was held like a decoration or bauble for the owner. Further complications are also arising because the police in the country state that crimes were committed with antique guns. However, an NABIS representative admitted that the number of crimes committed with antique guns was very low.

Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one of the world’s leading authorities on antique guns. People across the country and the world seek his advice on the subject. He is also an antique gun collector, and author on the subject. Zomber’s main goal is to preserve history through his collection of guns.

Michael Zomber has been an avid collector for several decades. He has shared his expertise on antique guns via the History Channel. Zomber is also a leading authority on Japanese Samurai. Zomber is also an authority and has written several books on the subject that is very close to him. Zomber is married. Zomber has two children, Gabriella and Christopher. The author and leading antique expert resides just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his fa

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  1. Zomber believes that the preservation of history through these historic weapons is important to culture and society. His ultimate goal is to share his love of history and antique guns with those of a like mind. I have seen that do know for sure that could get what they want from these individuals.

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