Review of the Achievements of Mathew Autterson

In 1980 Mathew Autterson graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in finance. He also studied at the University of Denver as a student in the Graduate Tax Program. Autterson began his career at an affiliate of Fiserve known as First Start Corporation. Later he joined a new Colorado State chartered trust company which was a subsidiary of Integrated Resources Inc. By 1986 Mathew was appointed as the president of Resources Trust Company. The company had earned its place as one of the leading FDIC state-chartered approved depository trust firms in the United States before it was bought by Broad Inc. in 2001. The corporation had deposits of over one billion dollars and custodial assets worth $20 billion. After Resources Trust Company’s acquisition by Broad Inc., it was renamed SunAmerica Inc.

Mathew is currently serving as a board member, CEO, and president of CNS Bioscience Inc., established in 2013 by Scott Falci. The company primarily develops solutions for neuropathic pain including clinical-stage therapy. Autterson also plays a role at FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems). His role is a complement of his philanthropic deeds and involvement in the Colorado community. Additionally, he has offered his services to the various organization and charity initiatives. Some include, but are not limited to the Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Zoological Foundation, and Denver Zoo. At one point of his life, Mathew was the chairman of the board of Denver Hospice. Autterson is also affiliated with Young Presidents Association and World Presidents Organization.

FABis a nonprofit organization that aims to assist people with neuromotor disabilities to adapt and increases their ability to control their environment. The organization works with engineering experts and leading medical centers to transition novel technologies into adaptive and rehabilitation systems. Falci Adaptive Motorsports program is used by FAB to inspire the disabled. Mathew is one of the few people who has offered their support for this organization.

Mr. Autterson is considered to be a leader and philanthropist in Colorado’s business community. Part of his achievement is dedicating his life in a bid to develop novel technologies with the aim of helping the disabled in the community. Being a member of the Falci Adaptive Systems, he has worked with recreational therapists, wheelchair therapists and physical therapist to help improve lives of persons living with disabilities. He has received some awards for his philanthropy and dedication. Furthermore, he is considered to be a mentor to the youth and inspires disabled people in Colorado.