Steve Ritchie And Papa John’s Campaign Of Diversity

As companies in today’s world continue to look for ways to make their environments more inclusive and diverse, Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie has chosen to make sure his company leads the way. Deciding to use a combination of training sessions, meetings across the country, community investments, and much more, it is clear Papa John’s Pizza has dedicated itself to a campaign of diversity that will result in great things for the company, its employees, and customers.

After penning an open letter of apology to customers for past events, Steve Ritchie has set out to make sure Papa John’s Pizza will make diversity and inclusion a key part of its corporate culture in the years ahead. To get this process going, he and many other company executives have set out across the country to meet with franchisees, employees, and customers in an attempt to spread their message of inclusion and diversity. Whether it is Chicago, Dallas, or Detroit, Steve Ritchie will be doing everything possible to discover not only what is currently making Papa John’s a great company, but also what it will take to reach even greater heights of success.

Along with having meetings with key members of the Papa John’s team, Steve Ritchie has also announced the company will undertake a number of initiatives in the months ahead. One of the most important is the formation of a community foundation, which will be aimed at helping communities across the country where Papa John’s employees work and live. In addition to this, the company is also unveiling a program aimed at increasing the emphasis on the company’s development program concerning minority-owned franchises. In doing this, Steve Ritchie expects to see many more franchises being owned by a much more diverse group of individuals in the years ahead, which will undoubtedly make the company stronger than ever.

With these and many other changes in the works, Steve Ritchie firmly believes Papa John’s Pizza is on the path to success. By making more and more individuals feel welcome within the company, Steve Ritchie is prepared to see great times ahead.