Things you need to know about Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner in 2006, who was the founder and former chief executive officer of NetGravity. He was also the principal of the highest performing school in San Jose, Calif. Besides, Rocketship education is as well a nonprofit charter management organization which was specially launched to serve over a million low income, little elementary students across the nation. According to its founder, the school is the first elementary one to have a blended model of learning.

Currently, the organization manages three elementary schools in San Jose, and the management plans to expand the venture nationally. The blended model of learning in Rocketship education entails seventy-five percent of classroom and twenty-five percent of online learning. The students attend the teaching in one lab block where they learn math, science, and other subjects.

The online learning practice in the education forum allows the instructors to be more focused on their students hence identify their problem area and correct them. Besides, the instructors also focus on the student interactions on concept extension and critical skill development. Rocketship education also uses a variety of online content programs in reading and math during the learning lab time. In online learning, the students use a single computer through which they select the content program set for the day via a final screen. After selecting the program, the students engage in a variety of activities and programs including outside learning and enrichment programs.

In addition to that, Rocketship school has set a goal to use a portion of their day school to drive one-quarter of a year student growth. Besides, the school is currently working on an SRI international on a study to measure the effectiveness of their online learning program. The effective model of learning also allows the school to reach its financial break-even in its first year of operation. Rocketship education also has plans to open more schools so as to reach more people. Besides, the organization also has plans to have many international schools which will see many students benefit from the skills and expertise of their instructors.